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Local Search Masterclass recap: How financial brands can drive customer acquisition and retention during re-openings, and beyond

Reopening can be complicated for businesses with distributed local footprints, especially in the highly regulated financial services industry. That’s why we hosted a Local Search Masterclass to help industry marketers get the most valid information in front of their audiences as they look to return to physical locations. Some key insights in this masterclass included: […]

5 reasons why now is the time to invest in content

Understandably, most businesses are focusing their attention on operations right now. Many are retrofitting to be able to continue delivery of goods and services to customers while sustaining as much revenue as they can. For businesses running with a lean staff, it may be all they can do to keep their heads above water. For […]

Impromptu debate: Google’s free Shopping ads

Google’s decision to include organic listings in its expanded Shopping platform has prompted a ton of healthy debate across the industry—including our own interpretation for what it means for advertisers. Never ones to shy away from debate, DAC’s Kyle Harris (Director of Local Optimisation) and Brian Coccaro (AVP of Paid Search) sparred with one another […]

Round table recap: Marketing leaders share their pandemic insights

The word “disruption” has taken on new meaning for businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It no longer refers to iconoclast brands tearing up industry norms, but to the fact that the pandemic has reset organisational plans and strategies all over the world—and reinvented marketers’ roles in the process. To discuss those changing roles and understand […]

Enhanced Ecommerce can help your business win—now more than ever

Where on your site are products being viewed? What product colours and sizes are users looking at? Is the product on sale? How many items are customers adding to their cart? Which items are being removed? The list goes on. A robust Enhanced Ecommerce implementation can create huge benefits and minimise long-term maintenance—but it’s not […]

Digital media in a COVID-19 world

By this point in the pandemic timeline, every business that advertises online has had to make a series of decisions about their digital advertising programs. Should they keep their programs on? If so, which tactics and how much money should they spend? Does their messaging need to change? Will it seem self-serving or artificial to […]

Live from their living rooms: Adobe Summit 2020 highlights

The Adobe Digital Experience Conference is a major annual event in our world. Usually, it’s a massive extravaganza (last year’s was held in Las Vegas) that brings together thousands of top industry professionals through offline collaboration, networking, entertainment and social events. But 2020 is different in so many ways, and so was the 2020 Adobe […]

How to be data-driven in a crisis

In times of extraordinary change, how should businesses navigate and interpret the massive quantities of data coming their way? Here at DAC, our strategic planners, analysts, and insights specialists spend all day every day interpreting numbers. But what happens when those numbers suddenly seem to become irrelevant in times of massive upheaval or change? Right […]

Our lasting adaptations will create the new normal

Nasser Sahlool has just nicely articulated the human imperative for a return to normalcy, as well as the sureness that what follows the COVID-19 pandemic will be a new normal. And it’s true: we’re experiencing an unprecedented period of forced adaptation that’s both rapid and global—as well as heartbreaking and terrifying—but it will bring out […]

DAC statement on COVID-19

As communities around the world grapple with a global pandemic, DAC has taken precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and partners, and, importantly, to deliver on our commitments to our clients. With the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have been following the advice of local authorities and health professionals as it relates to workplace […]