What impact will digital assistants have upon local search marketing in 2017?

Christmas saw an explosion in sales of digital assistants, with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant making their first foray into many UK homes. Demand was so unprecedented that the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot completely sold out during the festive period. Although it’s some way from reaching tipping point, the current popularity of digital assistants is powering rapid growth in AI enabled voice searc...

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Will Chatbots Make It Into Your Digital Strategy for 2017?

If you’ve never heard of chatbots; then let me introduce you…Chatbots are not exactly new, however they are starting to gain steam, especially with organisations that are customer centric. Image: Google Trends - Keyword "chatbots"Chatbots are messaging robots that use the power of AI to speak to (chat to) people (customers) about a variety of subjects. Chatbots tend to “live” inside messag...

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Our top four digital industry predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we gaze into our crystal ball and share some of our top industry predictions for 2017. There’s little doubt that 2016 has been an exciting year for innovation, particularly within local and voice search. Artificial intelligence has also come along leaps and bounds welcoming promising new entrants like Viv in the voice-controlled assistance market, which over the nex...

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German agency, ad xmedia, joins DAC Group

We've got some exciting news from the continent. ad ×media, the pioneering German performance agency, will become the third European addition to DAC Group, since we (formerly Make It Rain) joined last year and Scotland's Ambergreen were welcomed into the family last month. The firm has two offices, in Munich and Dresden. Exciting times!ad ×media is privately owned and operated by Daniel Ric...

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Why businesses are rushing to embrace Instagram Stories and live streaming.

Since its launch in August, 1.5 million users of Instagram have converted to a business profile, according to the platform’s head of small/medium business advertising EMEA, Jen Ronan.Furthermore, 100 million Instagram users are now uploading Stories on the platform every day, and businesses are apparently leading the way with the creation of this ephemeral content.Speaking at Instagram’s recen...

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