DAC Offers Local Presence Management (LPM) on Microsoft Azure

DAC Offers Local Presence Management (LPM) on Microsoft Azure

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

As leading brands seek to deepen connections with customers and meet them where they are, local presence management continues to be a foundational aspect of digital marketing strategy. DAC’s local listing management platform is now powered by Microsoft Azure, helping to ensure that clients’ online business information is accurate and visible on all major websites throughout North America, Europe, and the UK.

As a technology-enabled marketing solution provider, DAC’s solutions must meet the needs of customers while also meeting security, scalability, and operational requirements. Using Azure allows DAC to execute this efficiently, freeing up time to work on delivering personalized service to each client.

“Working with Microsoft Azure has not only changed the way we develop, deploy, and monitor our applications,” says Phil Britton, Director of Solution Development, DAC, “it has changed the way we think about solving problems.”

The DAC platform allows clients to manage their reviews and social media, and to measure KPIs, all in one convenient dashboard. In addition to the Azure-powered platform, DAC’s team of experts delivers the human component, going beyond software as a service to personally maintain and optimize local presence, and to boost SEO.

Azure provides ease of use, flexibility, and integrated offerings that fit in with DAC’s existing technology stack. As Azure evolves DAC has found it easy to integrate new offerings and it plans to do so with Event Grid and Logic Apps too.

“We’re pleased to see DAC using Microsoft Azure to help national brands transform their digital marketing strategy,” said John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, general manager, Azure Data marketing, Microsoft Corp. “The power of Azure enables DAC clients to deliver customized experiences based on each customer’s data.”

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