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Content Strategy

Content Strategy is the art and science of figuring out what an audience needs in order to take an action that supports business goals.

Our Content Strategy practice helps connect the dots between a set of integrated business and/or design function choices that help shape the content experience to drive results for our clients.

Our Content Strategists are born creative problem-solvers and analytical thinkers. We build strategies that help drive our clients’ organisational objectives, champion their end-users’ needs, and respond to industry best practices to help activate content across the customer journey.

Only 8% of marketers consider themselves “very successful” or “extremely successful” at tracking content marketing ROI. Want to join them?

Tangible benefits that drive performance

Our Content Strategy practice is data-driven, multifaceted, and can add value to any engagement by:

  • Leveraging audience insights to define and meet content needs and preferences
  • Defining how to use purposeful content to meet clients’ business goals and satisfy their users’ needs
  • Guiding decisions about content across the customer journey
  • Governing the people, processes, and tools involved in developing and executing content
  • Setting benchmarks against which to measure the success of content relative to client objectives

But what truly sets DAC’s Content Strategy practice apart is that we meet at the intersection of analytics, insight, and design to develop content strategies for our clients that drive measurable results—whether that’s helping them build a content practice, better understand their customers and their journeys, or how to break down silos in order to improve the user experience across digital channels.

We know that, today, no one needs more content. They need the right content served to them at the right time on the right channel. We help clients get this right.

A crucial piece of the puzzle

Content strategies can be devised, designed, and delivered as a standalone service—but entirely new opportunities open up when you combine related disciplines.

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