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Our Team

It takes a cast of characters to do what we do. Characters who have the curiosity to learn, the courage to push boundaries—and the enthusiasm to do it day in, day out. These are our fabled “Geeks with Personality”.

Local Team
Gavin Bowick Gavin Bowick
  • Senior Web Analyst
Mike Fantis Mike Fantis
  • Vice President, Managing Partner, UK
Luke Regan Luke Regan
  • Vice President, Managing Partner, UK
Shannon Horgan Shannon Horgan
  • Director, Client Strategy
Natalie Slark Natalie Slark
  • Business Director
Thom Lodge Thom Lodge
  • Associate Director SEO
Cloe Barnes Cloe Barnes
  • Senior Content Strategist
Sophia Fantis Sophia Fantis
  • Account Manager
George Warner George Warner
  • Account Director
Management Team
Norm Hagarty Norm Hagarty
  • CEO, Managing Partner
Kiran Prashad Kiran Prashad
  • Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Nasser Sahlool Nasser Sahlool
  • Senior Vice President, Client Strategy
Jenna Watson Jenna Watson
  • Senior Vice President, Digital Media
Mario Lemieux Mario Lemieux
  • Partner, SVP Business Development
Dan Temby Dan Temby
  • Senior Vice President, Technology
Sonia Allard Sonia Allard
  • Vice President, Marketing Communications
Mike Corak Mike Corak
  • Managing Director, US Central and Southern Regions
Ben Moll Ben Moll
  • Director of Digital Marketing
Victoria Del Tejo Victoria Del Tejo
  • Account coordinator
Cédric Bellenger Cédric Bellenger
  • General manager
Vincent Barillon Vincent Barillon
  • Commercial director
Thibaud Rouzaud-Danis Thibaud Rouzaud-Danis
  • Account Manager
Erin Rose Erin Rose
  • Digital Media Manager
Ellie Hughes Ellie Hughes
  • Digital Media Coordinator
Lisa Tan Lisa Tan
  • Digital Media Specialist
Rosalind Kinder Rosalind Kinder
  • Team Lead, Content Strategy
Christine DeFazio Christine DeFazio
  • Director, Strategic Insights
Jane Sanderson Jane Sanderson
  • Associate Director, SEO
Victoria Khinevich Victoria Khinevich
  • Digital Media Manager
Daniel Bradnam Daniel Bradnam
  • Web Analyst
Dan Lauer Dan Lauer
  • SEO Strategist
Melissa Chanu Melissa Chanu
  • Account Executive
Rudy Nassar Rudy Nassar
  • Account Director
Orli Millstein Orli Millstein
  • Director, Content Strategy
Christy Del Savio Christy Del Savio
  • Senior Director PMO & Operations
Maria Unwala Maria Unwala
  • VP Business Development
Kelly Dougherty Kelly Dougherty
  • Account Manager
Phil Britton Phil Britton
  • Director, Solutions Development
Gina Fiocchi Gina Fiocchi
  • Group Account Director
Allison Hamilton Allison Hamilton
  • Senior Content Strategist
Adam Kirkland Adam Kirkland
  • Account Executive
Mark Wheatley Mark Wheatley
  • Digital Media Manager
Zoran Dobrijevic Zoran Dobrijevic
  • Manager, Local Optimization
Kyle Harris Kyle Harris
  • Director, Local Optimization
Arlene Lewis Arlene Lewis
  • Account Coordinator
Marc-Antoine Lemay Marc-Antoine Lemay
  • Account Director
Chris Pulaski Chris Pulaski
  • Vice President, Client Services
Grayce Nicol Grayce Nicol
  • Senior Manager, Local Optimization
Jeff Ying Jeff Ying
  • Manager, Support Desk
Christopher Bamford Christopher Bamford
  • Senior Director of Product
Hyla Lederman Hyla Lederman
  • Graphic Designer
Jenna Callan Jenna Callan
  • Manager, Talent Acquisition
Adrianne Diamond Adrianne Diamond
  • Director, Operations LPM
Maksym Lavrov Maksym Lavrov
  • Development Lead
Jason Chen Jason Chen
  • Director Software Development
Benjamin Han Benjamin Han
  • Senior Application Developer
Hilary Marchildon Hilary Marchildon
  • Senior Copywriter
Theresa Zimmerman Theresa Zimmerman
  • Product Owner
Felicia DelVecchio Felicia DelVecchio
  • Vice President Digital Media
Elmer Brum Elmer Brum
  • Director, Information Technology
David Mabry David Mabry
  • Account Director
Kelly Diaz Kelly Diaz
  • Account Executive
David Welsh David Welsh
  • Managing Editor
Amanda Woolums Amanda Woolums
  • Account Executive
Brian Blandford Brian Blandford
  • Vice President, Client Services
Lori Jones Lori Jones
  • Financial Planning Manager
Owen Gayzur Owen Gayzur
  • Senior Digital Coach
Nicholas Manfredo Nicholas Manfredo
  • Account Director
Courtney Hardwick Courtney Hardwick
  • Senior Copywriter
Dan McAlpine Dan McAlpine
  • Senior Network Administrator
Patrick Hagarty Patrick Hagarty
  • Sales Support Specialist
Jonathan Vazquez Jonathan Vazquez
  • Senior Account Specialist
Richard Lajoie Richard Lajoie
  • Directeur senior, médias numériques
Adam Luck Adam Luck
  • Managing Director, Canada
Jared Hendrickson Jared Hendrickson
  • Vice President/General Manager, New York