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Analytics and Marketing Science Services

Your customers shed data. Every click, every call, every interaction with your brand leaves signals, clues, and sometimes even step-by-step guides on how better to serve and delight them. Your job is to listen and respond. Our job is to help. That’s why we created Proove Intelligence, our digital intelligence centre of excellence.

At Proove, data doesn’t only justify rational decisions: it’s used to create virtuous loops of feedback and insight, fuel business instincts, and ignite action. Our unique multidisciplinary team—Data Engineers, Analysts, Math Geeks—works closely with experts in Strategy, Content, Creative, and Media to turn data into a potent force for transformational growth.

Our approach

1 Assess: We systematically explore and assess your data analytics infrastructure, and align it with your key business objectives.
2 Design: We help turn your data assets into a competitive advantage—and measurable growth—by customising a data and technology framework.
3 Implement: We develop and implement advanced analytics solutions by either coordinating with your in-house analytics and development teams or working as a full-service enablement partner.
4 Activate: We help you accelerate and drive business impact by harnessing the power of advanced analytics and integrating it into your organisation.
5 Optimize: We help you capitalise on your data and technology investments by applying the scientific method for hypothesis testing and controlled experimentation.
Need to make the case for change? You're not alone: 43% of CIOs surveyed by Harvey Nash / KPMG in 2017 said that the biggest impediment to digital success is resistance to change. Source: Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey

Our capabilities

1 Customer Experience: Using tools like Google Optimize, we drive conversion rates and customer satisfaction by creating highly personalised website and digital media experiences.
2 Business Intelligence: See value right away by understanding your business data on a deeper level, including Google Data Studio insights for smarter business decisions.
3 Digital Analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and the brightest minds in the industry. This is how we grow your business through advanced digital analytics.
4 Data Science: Extract actionable insights from your data by applying predictive modelling, machine learning, and advanced statistical analysis.
5 Data Engineering: Organise and manage your data assets and apply the rigours of data governance to ensure your data is securely available for deep analysis.
6 Technology: From Optimizely to Tag Manager, optimise your tech stack by eliminating inefficiencies and extracting the most value from your technology investments.