Rob’s Roundup: Facebook Lead Generation, Content Marketing and Mobile Necessity

Rob’s Roundup: Facebook Lead Generation, Content Marketing and Mobile Necessity

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Facebook Testing Mobile Lead Generation

The goal of every company is to convert people into customers – this is an obvious truth, and yet bringing in higher conversion rates for online visitors remains a challenge for most brands. Facebook, in particular, is working hard to change this within their ecosystem; just look at their partnership with Shopify to add ‘buy’ buttons to pages and products.


With the announcement that Facebook is now in the process of testing lead-generation-based mobile ads with a number of (for now anonymous) brands, they are clearly serious about getting more of those precious conversion numbers for their clients.

The ads, still in a testing rollout phase, allow consumers to sign up for newsletters and complete forms. While not a direct purchase system (they have Shopify for that, after all), this is a product that will allow users to sign up for credit cards, insurance forms and just to ask for more information. When users click, Facebook will automatically fill out all the information based on the profile data you’ve provided to Facebook.

This could be a big lift for marketers looking to show ROI on social programs, and for brands who have been struggling to prove value in a highly competitive and challenging space.

Content Marketing Continues to Dominate

We’ve said it before, and we’ll definitely be saying it again (and again), but content marketing is growing incredibly quickly – and shows no signs of slowing.

So huge, in fact, that my news feed is filled with giant brands partnering with companies that create incredible content. The latest such news is out of Cannes, where Vice’s Shane Smith announced a deal between Vice, Bank of America and Pinterest. The marketing effort, called ‘The Business of Life, a digital video series produced by Vice’, will be sponsored by BoA and promoted via Pinterest.

The series has been incredibly successful for BoA, and Pinterest recently shared how they were able to specifically target millennials.

Smith also compared the deal to Snapchat’s recently announced partnership with the Daily Mail and WPP in creating a jointly-owned agency focused around content generation called Truffle Pig.

“You have new alliances forming. You can see where [the industry is] going,” Smith said. “You can see it going to a more bespoke, case-by-case, platform, content, brand kind of thing.”

Go Mobile or Go Home

A new survey shows that nearly half of UK and US respondents said that the mobile websites that they visit regularly are not optimised for mobile devices. Not only that, but more than half of those respondents said they would leave a website if such content wasn’t optimised for their device.

With Google now showing in search results whether a page is mobile friendly or not, and with the results of mobile-geddon still unclear (Google’s much-feared mobile apocalypse was more of a mild tremor than an earth-shattering quake so far), but the search engine giant seems serious about getting everyone on the same mobile-friendly page.

With more and more people using their smartphones for all their daily activity, having a site that is responsive is an absolute necessity. But of course, this is more for our friends across the pond and our southerly neighbours, because there’s no way Canadian companies would get behind on creating a mobile-friendly website… right?

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