CRO & Usability

Gaining traffic is well and good but that traffic needs to be carefully and accurately directed.

It’s great when a website receives a lot of traffic; however, when that traffic isn’t converting, you are seriously missing out, in fact, it’s a waste of the effort and resources used to attract those visitors. We believe that online marketing shouldn’t stop at driving traffic to your domain; it should continue straight through to influencing on-site behaviour, i.e. what that traffic does when it reaches your site? Can users easily complete a goal or make a purchase?

Our approach to CRO

User experience and user journey are key factors in improving your website’s rate of conversion. A muddled architecture and poor user journey flow results in potential customers leaving and never coming back.

Here’s an overview of our analytical process

We will improve the efficiency of your landing pages in holding visitors and converting them into customers. Using heat-mapping tools, we are able to analyse the ‘click’ activity of a web visitor; coupled with insights from tracking and analytics, we’re able to assess which action a web visitor takes.

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