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Landy Awards 2018: Behind the Nomination

Landy Awards 2018: Behind the Nomination

Thursday, June 14, 2018

DAC  was in good company at this week’s Landy Awards, hosted by Search Engine Land. Our work with two of our favourite clients earned us finalist status in two categories – Best Integration of Search into Cross-Channel Marketing (TaxSlayer) and Best Overall SEM Initiative, Enterprise (Bridgestone). While we didn’t take home the trophy this year, we congratulate all this year’s winners. Director of Digital Media Felicia DelVecchio took some time ahead of this year’s gala to reflect on our work with Bridgestone.

What part of our work on Bridgestone and TaxSlayer made us stand out from competitors?

The one thing that I believe makes this program stand out is the unique aspect of it being two programs that are tied together at the enterprise level. We have had a really cool opportunity to view these both as separate programs for both consumer brand and retail, as well as how they work together to drive growth for the enterprise as a whole.

We have had the ability to impact the customer experience first with how they interact with the brand and delivering them the best experience to conduct tire research, and ultimately retarget them based on that intent to a retail-focused site and experience to drive them into a Firestone store.

What aspects of our Bridgestone campaigns do you believe made the Search Engine Land judges choose DAC as finalists for the Best Overall SEM Initiative for Enterprise?

I think when the judges considered us for finalists for the Enterprise SEM award, the most exciting aspect of this program is the level of innovation and out of the box thinking. Tying two programs together and significant coordination across bid management, messaging, landing page experience and audience segmentation is not an easy feat, and the team here at DAC has worked extremely hard to find ways to strategically improve engagement and drive performance forward not only with technology and aspects of AI, but guiding it with the human strategic touch.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned working with this client?

The coolest thing we’ve learned from working on this client is having a really strong understanding of Bridgestone’s customers’ path to purchase journey and all the ways we can impact our customers to convert across devices and channels. The most impactful and rewarding measurement that’s had a significant impact on our program is the ability to understand how these efforts are driving customers in-store through Google Store Visits data.

 What are you most looking forward to doing next with this client?

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Bridgestone! It’s an exciting time to be a part of their journey and we’ve only just begun! The most exciting initiatives to come will include further personalization with data and experiences across the Enterprise and continuing to showcase how Bridgestone and Firestone differentiate themselves versus their competitors.

To learn more about how we can achieve award-worthy results for our clients, please get in touch with DAC!



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