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Local Rank+

Google’s local three pack is a coveted space, and proximity to the searcher is a massively important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. But it’s almost impossible to recreate those conditions at scale using a single Google login. Local Rank+ reveals exactly how your listings rank in different geographies—a vital part of improving rankings and driving revenue.

Very simply, our unique tool determines how your rankings change when a user searches for specific keywords from various proximities to that business’s location. Knowing how your ranking varies by these two criteria is priceless information that can be used to laser-focus your local search strategy.

DAC's Local Rank+ tool

Local Rank+ not only pulls your business’s ranking data but also reveals where, when, and how your competition is outranking you. With that knowledge, you can reallocate resources to the locations that most need it. The result? Better visibility, more leads, and far greater ROI in one of the most important aspects of digital.


72% of consumers who conducted a local search on a smartphone visited a store within five miles

Source: Google

Features and benefits

1 Work with the most accurate ranking data in the world
2 Know your top competitors for each of your locations and for your brand overall
3 Choose the radius of your local ranking searches; set a specific distance from your location or move pins to view your ranking in specific neighbourhoods
4 Allocate resources more effectively by only targeting your locations which aren’t already ranking in Google’s coveted local three pack
5 Track ranking changes month to month as Optimisation Plans are implemented
6 View all analytics in one convenient dashboard, integrated with DAC’s complete suite of products
Local Rank+ in action

See for yourself how Local Rank+ reveals everything about your local search performance—and how to supercharge it.