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How to master local organic social with TransparenSEE

How to master local organic social with TransparenSEE

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Paid social marketing can have a positive impact on any business’s bottom line, but it’s not the only way to drive growth via social platforms. At its core, social media is made up of organic conversations, and brands shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved and generate some free promotion.  

The catch is that businesses need to be active participants on social platforms in order to engage with their customers and prospects in a timely fashion and steer the conversation in the right direction. This can be a massive challenge for larger brands with dozens or even hundreds of locations to manage—and none of the major social platforms provide the tools needed to undertake this kind of Enterprise-to-Local strategy at scale.  

That’s why we’re enhancing our local presence management dashboard, TransparenSEE, with a new solution to scale organic social marketing. With Enterprise Social Manager, all of your business’s store-level social accounts can be aggregated and managed in one place, unlocking insights and benefits you may never have even imagined before. 

Scale your social in just a few clicks 

Organic social is important to any brand, but businesses with distributed footprints often struggle to manage all of their accounts. Even small, single-location businesses can be challenged to manage their presence across multiple social media accounts. A promotion can’t just be limited to Facebook, after all; it may need to go to Instagram, TikTok, or even LinkedIn depending on the message. Repeating and repurposing posts across platforms—each with its own unique login and user interface—is tedious even before you multiply that effort for many locations. 

The primary purpose of Enterprise Social Manager is to create one view that unites not only all of a business’s unique locations but all of the social platforms for those locations as well. Using just one dashboard, DAC’s partners can write a single social media post and publish it to every relevant platform for every location—or create a custom mix of both

Make collaboration faster and simpler 

Managing social accounts at scale is a technical challenge, but coordinating a brand’s messaging is a managerial one. There needs to be a human presence to review and approve everything that’s scheduled to be published. A singlelocation business can do this easily, needing just one manager to review all content. An enterprise-level brand, however, can’t rely on a single staff member knowing everything about every location. This is why Enterprise Social Manager also allows for collaborative media management, setting up users who can create social posts as well as those who can subsequently approve that content.  

At the largest businesses, there is likely to be dozens of customer service representatives responding to customer comments and other social media managers generating organic marketing content. To ensure both of those processes meet brand standards, users need different levels of authorization to either view and create content or approve it before it goes live. In Enterprise Social Manager, users can be granted access to one or more social accounts and schedule their posts as needed. Before they go fully live, there is an approval process to verify everything in that social post meets standards. Coordination with a social team is key and all users will have full information on the status of their work, with automated emails letting users know which posts have gone live or the reasons for their rejection.  

Drive performance down to the local level 

The final step of organic social marketing—one that is often neglected—is to review the performance of published content. Whether viewing a single post or your social metrics in aggregate, Enterprise Social Manager provides all the insights your business needs to optimize its organic social strategy. 

Crucially, these social metrics combine with other insights for listings on search and map platforms to create a comprehensive view of how your business is performing on social. In other words, Enterprise Social Manager doesn’t only aggregate all of your social marketing into one dashboard; it aggregates these exclusive insights into the same dashboard that already contains all of your other local KPIs.  

Beyond making organic social easier for businesses of all sizes, DAC’s latest product provides a wholistic assessment of everything that goes into marketing your brand and its individual locations. Organic social and everything else needed for effective local presence management is now gathered in a single interface that’s easy to manage, analyze, and action. Want to see for yourself? Drop us a line to request a demo. 


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