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Got a multi-location business? Then you know how hard it is to manage each location’s contact details and user reviews across countless sites, directories, and social networks.

Our local presence management dashboard makes it effortlessly easy. This is your one-stop local business listing dashboard to manage your local data on every site that matters, respond to reviews, and gain invaluable insights into your customer journey.

Rendered image of various reporting views in the TransparenSEE platform

More than half of all searches are from mobile devices—and nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location.

Source: Google

Our capabilities

1 Centralized location data management in one dashboard
2 Detailed reports for Visibility, Accuracy, and more
3 Powerful Reputation Management tool
4 Support for micro-level and macro-level reporting
5 API access to all available listing management partners
6 Customized access to specific reports by user
7 Unlimited number of users
8 Continuous improvement roll outs and feedback integration
9 Step-by-step user guides and reference material