So You Want To Excel At Local Presence Management?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Haddas Lederman

Street addresses, phone numbers, and opening hours. For enterprise level businesses with local footprints, having visible and accurate data is essential to reaching the right customers at the right time. As well as customers who have made their purchase decision and are ready to seal the deal.

Simple right? Not exactly.

Let’s slow it down for a second. Staying on top of each and every location listing across the complex digital ecosystem can often feel like a never-ending task. It’s not unusual to see: several different phone numbers for the same location across various online directories, out of date opening schedules, inaccurately mapped locations, negative reviews, and other symptoms of unmanaged local data.

In order to generate and retain leads…

It’s vital to create and continually update and manage highly visible and accurate listings for all your locations across every relevant search engine, social network, and directory. It’s a process that takes an awful amount of time, effort, and expertise. Especially if you have nested locations and other unique considerations.

But the rewards are significant.

If you build strong consistent citation signals, you can boost your online visibility and accuracy and enhance your ability to generate and retain more leads. With our local listing management service or LPM for short, our experts take on the responsibility of monitoring, cleansing, syndicating, and optimising your local data on major platforms. These platforms include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Apple, Facebook, and IYP.

So how do we do it?

Using TransparenSEE™, the LPM platform we built with our very own hands, we proactively manage your citations, keep listings up to date as location data changes, flag reviews for attention and response, and use real-time reporting to gain insights and apply ongoing optimisations. Ultimately, our unique combination of tech and expertise saves you time, effort, and investment costs, strengthens your visibility at the local level, empowers you to respond to customer reviews and manage your reputation, and drives considerable ROI.


This is how you excel in local.

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