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AI for reviews: The power of AI in reputation management

AI for reviews: The power of AI in reputation management

Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Kyle Harris

The online marketplace hinges on customer feedback, creating a need for businesses to harness the value embedded in reviews. With the right approach to online reviews, businesses can improve their rankings, enhance their performance, and build stronger customer relationships. However, the challenges associated with handling multiple locations compound the review management process. The solution lies in the capabilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Two-thirds of consumers rely on online reviews when making a purchasing decision, and 91% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. These statistics underline the critical importance of not just amassing reviews, but also responding to them. A robust review management system can enhance search engine rankings, bolster customer relationships, and offer a wealth of insights to improve your business performance.

The multi-location challenge

Brands with multiple locations face unique complexities in managing online reviews. They need to aggregate, respond to, and analyse reviews across numerous platforms and for different locales. The task of soliciting reviews, crafting personalised responses, and extracting actionable insights on a large scale can seem daunting.

The AI advantage

Enter AI, a potent tool that can transform the way businesses handle online reviews. AI allows companies to circumvent the most common objections in review management.

  1. Efficient review solicitation

    Firstly, businesses often argue that it’s too complicated to ask for reviews. AI can streamline this process, helping to construct efficient outreach emails that effectively solicit customer reviews. For example, this AI-generated outreach email focuses on generating reviews about specific aspects of a service:

    AI-generated response to an online review.

  2. Crafting personal responses

    Secondly, the perceived lack of time and resources to respond to reviews can be mitigated with AI. Platforms like ChatGPT can generate responses to reviews, but the DAC approach ensures high-quality outputs. We incorporate intentional brand voice alignment and accuracy in responses, bridging the gap into customer service. Our approach facilitates a swift, one-and-done process, allowing businesses to move on to the next review promptly. We also prioritise security, ensuring your brand and customers are protected.

  3. Transforming data into insights

    Thirdly, businesses often feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of review data, believing they lack resources to fully comprehend customer feedback. Here, AI can make a difference. It empowers businesses to extract insights from large quantities of data with ease. AI can help identify emerging trends, enabling businesses to react quickly and adapt their strategies in a timely manner.

The human touch in an AI world

Despite the vast potential of AI, the importance of human oversight cannot be overstated. AI can get your business 95% of the way in managing reviews, but the final acceptance of AI-generated responses is crucial. At DAC, we’ve built a hybrid approach that balances the efficiencies of AI with the nuances of human expertise.

While AI can provide speed and scale, humans add an element of intuition and adaptability. We ensure that AI-generated responses align with your brand’s voice and values, while our team offers a critical layer of review and refinement. This collaborative effort merges the technological strength of AI with the discerning touch of human interaction, offering an optimal review management solution for your business.

While managing online reviews on a large scale can be challenging, AI has opened doors to efficient, personalised, and insightful review management. By marrying the cutting-edge technology of AI with the touch of human expertise, businesses can navigate the intricacies of reputation management. And that just happens to be what DAC does best…


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