63% of tablets sold in the UK are being acquired by businesses

Thursday, March 07, 2013
Grant Whiteside

Here is something to think about when you are optimising your next Business to Business paid search campaign. In a recent survey from Context, over 63% of tablets sold in the UK are being acquired by businesses. In the same report it also claims that almost 90% of tablets bought in Switzerland and Austria were for business use.

So is it the beginning of the end of the PC in the boardroom and should B2B advertisers be more strategic when it comes to paid search campaigning providing both adverts and assets that are particularly tablet friendly. It seems as if this could be the case.

A Device Audit is a great start to taking a good look at your audience profile. Understanding who the audience are, the devices they use, how they engage with your content and when they access this content is now a mandatory part of any digital marketing or content strategy. For many businesses the mobile revolution has been more of a slow creep over the past 5 years rather than a massive change in the landscape. However in the past year many businesses have had increases of over 1000% of website traffic from their mobile audiences. For so many of these businesses, a noticeably large amount of these conversions are from tablet devices. This is due to an affluent market, predominantly over the age of 40 and commonly in business using tablet devices.

The meteoric rise of tablets in the business space is also driving sales in VDi products (virtual device interface) and the launch of Windows 8 is expected to increase the use of enterprise solutions of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). More enterprises are looking into how they centralise data and how they allow their staff access to the tools they need to do their job to the best of their ability regardless of where and when they are situated. The tablet is so easily transported from the living room table to the boardroom table that it cannot be ignored or simply bolted onto the B2B content, business or marketing strategy.

Here at Ambergreen we have audited many of our clients mobile and tablet marketing and content campaigns. For many businesses it will be the one area that can easily grow revenues in 2012 /13 by simply reaching their current audience with the correct content at the right time of day.