In a Black and White World, Let’s Talk Yellow!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Lynn Duffy

Many of you may have seen Chris Silver Smith’ s article this past week ruminating on his prediction from 2007 that the Yellow Pages were ‘toast’. He took some flack back then for his statement but thought it was prudent to revisit his prediction this past week. With its provocative headline “Are the Yellow Pages Toast”, and everyone quick to jump on this bandwagon of abandoning Print Yellow Pages (PYP), you can bet that the article made plenty of rounds this week in the blogosphere.

Many excellent points are made in the article, but I feel as if the reader may have abandoned the post before getting to the end where the thesis of the article is wrapped up. In a word, Chris says: “The print Yellow Pages was toast, but is it still worthwhile to advertise in them? It’s not a pure black-and-white world here in 2012 — there’s also yellow!”

So, do we agree with Chris? In a word, yes. The key has always been an appropriate allocation
of media
as the digital media landscape continues to fragment. As a lead generation agency, DAC has the tools to align your strategy and goals with an appropriate media allocation to maximize your return on investment and find efficiencies within your online media strategy.

Consider this: the home services categories (plumbing, appliance repair, carpet cleaning, etc.) still generate thousands of leads a week from their print Yellow Pages programs. Yes, that’s right…it’s *not* a typo. National businesses like those listed still receive thousands of leads a week from their print Yellow Pages programs.

So, yes Chris, DAC agrees…there is still room for yellow in a black and white world!

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