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How DAC has embraced virtual events

How DAC has embraced virtual events

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Erika Halili

Every cloud has a silver lining. As we have learned how to adapt during times of uncertainty, we’ve also uncovered some unique opportunities to leap out of our collective comfort zone and push the boundaries.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been working diligently with select partners in the industry to produce fun, engaging, and compelling digital experiences that can be fully enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Despite widespread lockdowns, closures, and a lack of in-person engagements, we have found a way to transform our events in new and exciting ways. We have also learned that when people are looking to connect, personalised experiences have the potential to produce amazing outcomes with some amazing individuals—especially when they’re brought together by a shared love of food!

  • Adobe + DAC’s Banana Bread Bake-Off

    Welcoming chef Meg Galus of Boka Restaurants, we gathered peers, coworkers, friends, and families for a fantastic virtual baking session with her Michelin-quality banana bread recipe. Partnering with Adobe, we created a fun new way to connect: discussing our love of baking while providing a warm and welcoming opportunity to discuss the perfect ingredients that go into a digital partnership.

    Banana bread

    Thanks to everyone involved, we got to connect, share insights, and raise $10,000 for the Boka Restaurant Employee Relief Fund in the process (did we mention the banana bread was absolutely delicious, too?).

  • Ad Age + Shake Shack + DAC’s “Grill and Chill”

    Following the Ad Age Women to Watch conference and awards (don’t miss our brilliant Jenna Watson’s discussion panel), we had the opportunity to host a fun event with Ad Age and thought it would be a fun collaboration with our digital partner, Shake Shack, to learn the tips and tricks to the perfect burger. With the cameras rolling and the grills a-blazing, we got to cook, chat, and share insights and initiatives that have led to surprising new ventures.

    In particular, there was a great discussion with Steph So, Head of Digital Experience at Shake Shack, on how pushing boundaries in times of uncertainty has lead to surprising successes beyond selling burgers

By approaching virtual events in a way that speaks to each individual in a personalised way, we’ve managed to transform our events during the pandemic—dispatching curated recipe boxes to their homes, allowing participants to enjoy the experience with their loved ones in familiar surroundings. There is nothing more powerful than being able to reach people (and, ultimately, customers) in a way that makes them feel engaged not only as individuals but as part of a community.

In today’s new normal, we understand that what’s needed during times of crisis is being able to act fast, take action and pivot companies into new realms of opportunity to connect with both new and existing customers online. Want to be a part of our digital experiences, virtual events, and initiatives? Let’s talk.


Erika Halili
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