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Google’s “Arty” Experiments with Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings change all the time. It makes sense most of the time. Consistently producing engaging, relevant content? Your keyword rankings should exceed your competitors’. A competitor finally sorted out their categories? Their keyword rankings will probably rise, too. But what about when the fluctuations seem to occur out of nowhere? Following some original research, […]

Google Penguin updated to part of core algorithm

There’s a new penguin in town. Since its debut in 2012, Google Penguin updates have wreaked havoc for webmasters who relied on spammy links to gain visibility. On 23 September 2016, however, Google announced that Penguin has become a permanent, real-time part of their core algorithm. So here’s the question everyone’s asking: Will my site […]

Google Mobile Update: Turning Surprises into Success

Google mobile results have been updated, providing some game-changing results. This greatly contrasts with last year’s “Mobile-geddon” update, which in reality was nothing more than a small taste of what was to come. I recently read that if your website was mobile friendly, you would not see any difference in visibility on search results, regardless […]

Keyword Research: The Building Blocks of Business

Too many keywords, not enough action. It’s such a shame seeing a company lost inside an Excel spreadsheet and not making the most of their keyword research. Keyword analysis, search demand analysis, SEO sorcery – call it what you want, but it’s the research piece that looks at all the potential keywords that could drive visitors […]

Digital Agency of the Year!

If you don’t follow our social media accounts you may not have heard, but Ambergreen won Digital Agency of the Year at last night’s ScotlandIS awards ceremony! Digital marketing agency of the year #DigitalTech2016@ScotlandIS@ambergreen_says thanks to everyone x — ambergreen (@ambergreen_says) April 20, 2016 We were incredibly happy just to be shortlisted, but to […]

8 Brilliant Uses for Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the latest livestreaming service that is being rolled out all Facebook users. The 1.6 billion users of Facebook will be able to access live stream information and viewers will have the ability to add comments, ask questions or access the feed after the live event has finished, providing a service that current […]

Is Digital Marketing Dead or are publishers desperate to make the headlines

’Digital marketing is dead’ – that’s the headline I read this morning. Apparently what the world needs now are traditional marketers, an area where businesses face a major skills gap. The headline did what it was meant to do, it grabbed my attention and I clicked through, read the article, shook my head, and laughed…part […]

Change in Travel Sector Social Media Infographic

The travel sector is used to change – it’s the only thing that’s stayed constant since the dawn of the digital age. From the evolution of search engines to data-driven social engagement, customers expect to be empowered to make their own travel decisions, based on their own needs and user-generated recommendations. It’s what has fueled the rise […]

When is a mobile friendly website not mobile friendly?

When is a mobile friendly website not mobile friendly? When Google says it’s not. As of November 1st 2015, mobile websites that actively promote an interstitial advert asking the user to download the app version of their content could see their websites being penalised on Google’s organic search results. As usual, there are two sides […]

Twitter advertising reach set to more than double

In 2013 Twitter made one of the shrewdest investments of the year by purchasing mobile ad exchange company MoPub. The company specialised in providing in-app advertising across a wide range of network apps, offering promoted tweets and videos. This acquisition meant that Twitter suddenly has the ability to offer advertising on both their growing social […]