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Enterprise Digital Marketing for the Travel Sector

Friday, August 21, 2015
Grant Whiteside

We have watched a lot of travel brands change hands over the years as companies have been bought over and brand names have sometimes changed as a result of this. The larger enterprise players in the travel sector have capitalised on their brand wealth but have not always been aware of the specific details of what made that company successful in the first place.

It’s ironic to think that many of these brands were bought over because they had a larger digital footprint yet, as much as they may increase overall market share for the parent company, lessons are not always learned to ensure that the enterprise fully capitalises on the situation.  It is well documented that one of the biggest challenges marketing departments have had is learning how each brand controls its digital marketing activity and how they measure success.

As such, enterprise marketing is, at its most successful point, when everyone in the process is aware of what their outcomes should be, how to replicate or produce these outcomes in the most effective and efficient manner, and how they are measured. This is obviously easier said than done, when the elephant in the room is often the cultural differences between companies and departments.

Sometimes distilling the problem down to series of more granular questions is a good way to start. So let’s ask the question again.

How do we get the small organisation that is time and resource poor to provide the business intelligence required by the parent company?

How do we get the parent company to buy into something that smaller players are so much more effective at?

How do you get a consistent but relevant tone of voice across all of your digital assets?

How do you ensure that the enterprise understands what the internal linking strategy is and why it is important?

What are your Critical Success Factors that must be delivered to ensure the company’s Key Performance Indicators are met. Who decided these and why?

What is attributing to goals being met? Does everyone understand this?

Why doesn’t management see the benefit in linking one of their digital assets to another to make more conversions?

How do we use a model that works that we can all buy into?

Should Digital PR, SEO, Paid Search, Content Strategy, Email, Native and Programmatic advertising be kept separate from your mail drops, brochures, TV, outdoor, press and radio advertising?

In a marketing world that is constantly evolving and fragmenting, the travel sector like many others are asking these questions on a daily basis. Here at Ambergreen, we’ve seen it all many times before and we know that regardless of where your travel brand sits on its journey to global domination we can help you plan, implement and measure your goals for the future.

Going to the World Travel Market in November 2015?

Do you want to meet up to discuss how we can help market your brand and help you reach your goals?

Drop us a line, we love helping businesses grow.



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Grant Whiteside
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