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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Grant Whiteside

Majestic provide a range of opportunities for brands and agencies in the world of SEO, Internet PR and Marketing from crawling the web to monitor and maintain backlink and social profiles; what will be the biggest challenges and opportunities for agencies and brands that use your services in 2015?” 

For our users, getting their heads around TOPICAL trust Flow is an interesting learning curve, because we have now been able to categorize every page and domain into business sectors.

Until late in 2014, people took (at best) ideas like “Page Rank Score” or “Klout Score” to evaluate how influential a page was, or a profile on Twitter. However, a single score is quite simplistic. The Queen of England probably has some influence when it comes to society or history, but has very little influence in the world of music or shopping.

In 2015 we are moving more and more towards a 360 degree view of not just customers, but prospects, advocates and influencers and being able to profile people that have never yet engaged with your brand is going to need new thinking, particularly in the world on analytics. Big Data may be a popular and misunderstood term, as everyone likes to think they have “Big Data”, but when you do have a universal data signal, that can be harnessed into powerful insights. This is the challenge (and the opportunity) I see for marketers and agencies in 2015 and I hope we can help a little in this quest.’

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