Our Latest Recruit: Emily Burton – Account Manger

Monday, August 04, 2014
Grant Whiteside

How are you? Welcome to Ambergreen. You’ve been brought onboard as an Account Manager. As the latest recruit, could you tell me a little about yourself and why the change to Ambergreen?

I’m very well thank you.

Previously, I have been working for a number of companies in the software and financial services industries. The decision to start at Ambergreen was an easy one knowing that I would be working with a great team and that I would be able to work closely with a wide range of clients to understand their goals and develop plans for how we can help achieve and surpass their objectives.

Rumour has it that your first job in Edinburgh involved dressing up as a water melon, would you care to explain how we got from water melon to Account Manager at Ambergreen?

Yes! Flyering on the Royal Mile in the rain dressed as a watermelon sounds pretty miserable, but it was actually a really fun role – I got to speak to loads of different people, from performers to tourists and other people dressed as fruit. In my Account Manager role, I have to be an effective communicator – who would have thought that this skill could have developed during my time dressed as a melon! I never thought that job would have been so valuable to my career later on in life!

How can you help the clients reach their goals this year?

I think by listening to and understanding our clients’ business objectives – both in the long and short term. This is key to help develop a strategy with our technical team that really focuses on how our clients want to grow or drive revenue.

What do you do out of hours when you’re not being an Account Manager?

When I’m not being an Account Manager, I tend to either be down the local DIY store or in my flat trying to give it a fresh lick of paint. I love interior design and enjoy trips to odds and ends shops looking for things that I can adapt with my own style. I also love cycling, making clothes and I am trying to understand how to use an SLR camera to its full capability!

Any words of wisdom?

A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something