Gareth Hoyle, Sales and Marketing at LinkRisk

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Grant Whiteside

Link Risk provide a range of services that monitor and maintain backlink profiles for thousands of websites and brands, what will be the biggest challenges and opportunities for agencies and brands that use your services in 2015” 

The biggest challenges we see our customers facing in 2015 from an organic search point of view is fear of the unknown.

2014 had only 1 Penguin refresh (and that was 10 months into the calendar year) yet many site owners had invested a lot of time and money into cleaning up their link profiles only to be left in limbo awaiting a refresh. When will the next refresh be? Is Penguin now baked into the main algorithm the way Panda appears to be going? Who knows – and we will never know unless a Googler slips up at an event or they start the roll out.

It is this uncertainty that is hard to manage – both for ourselves as tech and marketing companies and also for our clients.

Google has done very well to create this FUD and pushed many people away from organic towards paid – and why wouldn’t they! It is their platform and they want to get paid!

Opportunity wise – If we continue down the route of client education and start to approach organic search as part of the main marketing mix as many do now – SEO has grown up – then we are presented with a lot of opportunity – Whether that be expanding reach in existing mature markets or looking to expand into new territories – The internet makes this much easier than traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Using the power of data and the relatively cheap computational cost of mining and interpreting that data means we, as marketers, can make better informed decisions on the successes and failures of campaigns and take these learnings forward with us. Never before has a marketing discipline presented us with this opportunity – be that analysing our own campaigns or those of our rivals. The additional marketing opportunities presented to us here is unlimited!

Good luck to all in 2015 and beyond!

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