Monthly Archives: July 2017

The three big problems that we see with voice-controlled technology

Voice controlled-technology is changing computer-human interfaces in the home and across a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from medical and banking through to business applications and industrial robotics. According to Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report, 20% of mobile searches are now made with voice and 11m Amazon Echo devices have been installed within US homes. […]

The DAC Guide to Local SEO

For businesses trying to attract consumers through their door (whether that door is real or virtual), success starts with a strong local search strategy. Customers are searching for solutions online – and with every marketer fighting for the first few spots on Google, making sure your business ranks organically is essential. We’ve identified seven steps […]

Google Responds to Facebook’s Business Messenger

Google have launched chat functionality via their local listing (this is limited to the US, for now). The product allows users to directly message a business owner through a GMB listing. Businesses can then “listen” to the messages, choosing to respond either via SMS or Allo. Customers are advised on the typical business response time […]

The Experience Economy & How It Affects Your Online Presence

Since the recession, there has been a change in how consumers view what is worth their money. We now prioritise ‘doing stuff’ more than ‘buying stuff.’ As the economy has shifted, so has how we demonstrate our status. Rather than posting pictures of what we have bought, we instead share pictures of our holiday. This […]

How to optimise your local listings for Apple search

When speaking to brands about optimising their local listings, they often respond saying they manage their Google My Business listings in house. But what about Bing? What about Yelp? What about Facebook? Most importantly, with the rise of voice search, what about Apple? Brands are shocked when we show them a live voice search via […]

Snapchat’s Snap Map…what local businesses need to know.

Snapchat has entered the world of mapping, and despite widespread concern around the associated safety and privacy issues (which aren’t to be underestimated), it opens up intriguing new possibilities for local businesses. The use of location data is not necessarily new to Snap; for some time it’s been an integral part of Snapchat’s popular Geofilters […]

Creative Case Study: In Search of Britain’s Classiest Pet

We took on Clas Ohlson, the third-largest Swedish retailer after Ikea and H&M, as a new digital services client in March this year. For the uninitiated, this brief visual overview available on their company history page indicates the size and value of the company. While huge in Sweden, Clas Ohlson is not a widely known […]

Digital Media Strategies for Improving Customer Mix

As a long-time digital marketer, I’ve seen many trends in the ways brands buy digital media. Early on, brands leveraged digital as an extension of their offline buys, aiming to increase reach and frequency, with audience inputs limited to generalities like age, gender and household income. With the rise of programmatic, many brands used technology […]

Facebook’s crackdown on over-sharers…here’s what businesses need to know

In a move that’s very reminiscent of Google five or so years ago, Facebook has in the past few days made a big change to its News Feed algorithm which it says will “reduce the influence of…spammers” who routinely spread low-quality content. As a result, users who share 50-plus links publicly a day will be […]