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Jenna Watson has been working in digital media since it was brand new – the real wild west – where she learned the ropes (none of which are still viable in practice today!) making it up as she went, just like everyone else, and learning on the fly. She started out as an email marketer (*cough* spammer *cough*) then moved on to paid search. After three years, she moved into account management and media strategy, and the rest is history. Born and raised in Iowa, Jenna escaped the corn fields and spent a couple years in Seattle after graduating the University of Iowa. She found her true home in Chicago in 2000, where she’s been ever since. She’s been lucky enough to work for several digital agencies in Chicago, working hand-in-hand to create and deliver winning digital media strategies with top-tier clients across retail, B2B, travel, and financial services. She continually strives to build strong bonds between client and agency teams, ensuring our agency’s work is truly impactful to an organization’s objectives.

AI for search: Everything that’s changed (so far) and where to go from here

AI, AI, AI, AI. It’s THE topic that has captured the world’s attention. From watercooler conversations to industry conferences, we simply can’t stop talking about the remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence. In this blog article, we will delve more specifically into AI’s transformative impact on paid and organic search—and what it means for you as […]

The Open Book Club: Chapter 1

We have a zero-tolerance policy against racism or any other form of discrimination. But, in light of recent global events, we know that it’s not enough to simply state what you are for and against. Forward-thinking organisations like DAC have a duty to affect meaningful change by sharing our experiences, challenging our preconceptions, and enriching […]

Is Apple preparing to launch its own search engine?

They say rumors are usually more exciting than the truth. But right now we’re talking about a particularly intriguing piece of speculation—that Apple may be attempting to launch a search engine—that could have game-changing real-world consequences. And although it is currently little more than hearsay, it has a couple of compelling causes: Apple has posted […]

Digital advertising in a cookie-less future

Cookies enable various experiences we’ve come to expect as users of the internet: remaining logged in to our email accounts; keeping our preferred settings on the sites we visit most; our favourite brands remembering our shipping address for purchases. Cookies have also been the primary mechanism that allows marketers to find users based on their […]

How to Respect Data Privacy in the Digital Age

In today’s fully digital world, new laws such as GDPR in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (which goes into effect in 2020) aim to allow consumers to not only opt out of data capture but also have more control over their data and how it’s used. In theory, this type […]

What the Changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed Mean for Marketers

Over the next few weeks, Facebook will be making the most significant shift to the News Feed that they have in years. The updated algorithm will prioritize what users’ friends and family share, while de-emphasizing content shared by publishers and brands. The rationale for this, per Facebook, is that it will enrich users’ feeds with […]

3 Tech Phenomena that will Revolutionise the Media Industry

Display media has always been an exciting, dynamic marketing channel. With the ability to place media in front of almost any target audience, a multitude of different creative options available and nearly limitless data sets to buy and optimize against, display remains a critical (and ever-changing) part of the marketer’s toolkit. In 2017, we heard […]

Digital Media Strategies for Improving Customer Mix

As a long-time digital marketer, I’ve seen many trends in the ways brands buy digital media. Early on, brands leveraged digital as an extension of their offline buys, aiming to increase reach and frequency, with audience inputs limited to generalities like age, gender and household income. With the rise of programmatic, many brands used technology […]

Minimise Customer Churn with Aligned Digital Strategy

In part one of this three-part series on using aligned digital media strategies to boost business objectives, I reviewed considerations for new customer acquisition via digital channels and tactics. While acquisition remains a top priority for marketers today, it is equally important to retain those customers once they’re acquired. Customers dictate their relationships with brands […]

How to Maximise Ad Viewability

“Viewability” is a metric designed to track the number of ad impressions that can actually be seen by users, not simply the number of ad impressions served. This has been a significant topic in the digital advertising marketplace over the last two years or so, as programmatic inventory has increased and, with it, the number […]