Monthly Archives: July 2017

The DAC Guide to Local SEO

For businesses trying to attract consumers through their door (whether that door is real or virtual), success starts with a strong local search strategy. Customers are searching for solutions online – and with every marketer fighting for the first few spots on Google, making sure your business ranks organically is essential. We’ve identified seven steps […]

Digital Media Strategies for Improving Customer Mix

As a long-time digital marketer, I’ve seen many trends in the ways brands buy digital media. Early on, brands leveraged digital as an extension of their offline buys, aiming to increase reach and frequency, with audience inputs limited to generalities like age, gender and household income. With the rise of programmatic, many brands used technology […]

3 Ways Google and Apple’s Ad Blocking Tech Will Impact Advertisers

Ad blocking has been around for years, mainly used by individuals downloading programs to remove “annoying” advertising from their online experience (think pop-ups and flashing banners). But in the past month, Apple and Google have joined the fray, announcing their own built-in ad blocking technology, to be rolled out in future versions of Chrome and […]