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How to Optimise Ad Viewability

Ad viewability is a metric designed to track the number of ad impressions that can actually be seen by users, not simply the number of ad impressions served. This has been a significant topic in the digital advertising marketplace over the last two years or so, as programmatic inventory has increased and, with it, the […]

Reducing CPA at the Local Level with Display Media

When it comes to getting results with digital advertising, bigger isn’t always better. If you are still building big national campaigns, you might be missing a lucrative opportunity at the local level. With a localised display media campaign, you can deliver tailored content, allowing you to reach the right people with the right message at […]

Is YouTube proving to be untouchable?

Over this past year YouTube have struggled to maintain good relationships with advertisers. This was due to the scandal breaking out that ads were being placed next to videos of hate speeches. To find out more on the consequences and how this affected YouTube, read below. What happened? In March, YouTube received a backlash when […]

Our latest recruit: Rachel Davies

Today we are introducing our latest recruit to the team: Rachel Davies, who is joining us as a Paid Media Executive. ES: Who are you? RD: I am the new Paid Media Executive at DAC Edinburgh! I’m originally from a small town called Castle Douglas in the South West of Scotland and moved to Edinburgh to […]

The Experience Economy & How It Affects Your Online Presence

Since the recession, there has been a change in how consumers view what is worth their money. We now prioritise ‘doing stuff’ more than ‘buying stuff.’ As the economy has shifted, so has how we demonstrate our status. Rather than posting pictures of what we have bought, we instead share pictures of our holiday. This […]