Monthly Archives: July 2017

4 Common Issues With Google Analytics Accounts

Many of our clients use Google Analytics as their main web analytics reporting tool. Therefore, we often get many queries on why “my data isn’t coming through correctly” or “not working as I would have expected”. Issues can occur at many different points of the data process, so most of the time we provide bespoke […]

Bid Optimisation: The Future is here and it’s in Machine Learning

A proficient bid optimisation strategy is key to the success of any Paid Media Campaign. The bids you place directly affect performance, deciding where your ads show, how visible they are, and ultimately the budgets allocated to each product or service. There are now many “automated” tools and services on the market aimed at scaling […]

Google’s “Arty” Experiments with Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings change all the time. It makes sense most of the time. Consistently producing engaging, relevant content? Your keyword rankings should exceed your competitors’. A competitor finally sorted out their categories? Their keyword rankings will probably rise, too. But what about when the fluctuations seem to occur out of nowhere? Following some original research, […]

What is Data-Driven Attribution and Why Should You Care?

“We’ve solved attribution using machine learning – all you need to do is click a button and using our proprietary algorithms, we will automatically allocate your media budget at the point of maximum efficiency.” This is effectively Google’s pitch for data-driven attribution. Advertising being a somewhat murky business, however, this has been met with some skepticism. But in view, […]

3 Ways Google and Apple’s Ad Blocking Tech Will Impact Advertisers

Ad blocking has been around for years – mainly used by individuals downloading programs to remove “annoying” advertising from their online experience (think pop-ups and flashing banners). But in the past month, Apple and Google have joined the fray – announcing their own built-in ad blocking technology, to be rolled out in future versions of […]

SEO: The Movie, a documentary telling the history of search marketing

[iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″] Over the past few days, a new documentary about the history of SEO has been released, produced by digital marketing firm Ignite Visibility. ‘SEO:The Movie’ has already amassed more than 81,000 views on YouTube, and as a veteran of the early days of search marketing, it’s easy to see why. Time moves […]

What local advertisers need to know about addressable TV advertising

ITV recently said that it plans to launch addressable TV within the next 12 months, enabling smaller and local businesses to target ads on a household-by-household basis. Its intention is to persuade smaller advertisers to divert some (or all) of their Facebook and Google ad budget to TV, with the promise of delivering more highly targeted […]