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Google throws its (heavy)weight behind local reviews

As the undisputed heavyweight champion of the digital age, Google rarely attempts to hide its ambitions. In fact, in a thoroughly disrupted year that has dramatically accelerated digital uptake, the search giant has made huge, conspicuous leaps forward in both shopping and local. For the latter, Google has now enlisted two-time unified heavyweight world boxing […]

5 ways to overcome customer-first marketing challenges

We’ve spoken at various marketing events across Europe over the past few months. At these events, we’ve not only shared our insights: we’ve engaged with literally hundreds of accomplished marketers, sharpening our understanding of various brands’ unique needs and goals. The emerging thread throughout these discussions is that data-led, customer-centric marketing is a laudable, achievable […]

How data can help football clubs maximise ticket revenue

European football is booming. La Liga boasts world football’s two richest clubs, Bundesliga is the world’s best-attended football league, and the Premier League continually tops the table for revenue generated—including an incredible £9.2bn for 2019-2022 broadcasting rights. But, as we’ve learned from our work with top teams across Europe, a popular product doesn’t always guarantee […]

What Can Food and Restaurant Chains Learn From Independents?

Throughout my life I’ve been surrounded by the food industry. My parents were caterers, my brother has had multiple restaurants, an auntie had a restaurant, my cousin has a restaurant, and numerous friends are in the business. In my business life, too, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of restaurant chains, including […]

Google daily budgets can now spend 2X the limit

There’s been a recent change to the functionality of Google AdWords daily budgets that will affect the accuracy of budget control capabilities going forward for PPC campaigns (SEM for our North American friends) and Display campaigns on the GDN. In the past, daily budgets could overspend on any given day by a small percentage, but […]

85% of brands didn’t change their opening hours over the bank holiday

We’ve all been there, right? Ever visited a store that’s already closed, or call a store that’s supposed to be open and go un-answered? Over the August bank holiday, we took it upon ourselves to review whether or not brands would update their opening hours. When checking the opening hours, we used the brands’ GMB […]

Google Responds to Facebook’s Business Messenger

Google have launched chat functionality via their local listing (this is limited to the US, for now). The product allows users to directly message a business owner through a GMB listing. Businesses can then “listen” to the messages, choosing to respond either via SMS or Allo. Customers are advised on the typical business response time […]

How to optimise your local listings for Apple search

When speaking to brands about optimising their local listings, they often respond saying they manage their Google My Business listings in house. But what about Bing? What about Yelp? What about Facebook? Most importantly, with the rise of voice search, what about Apple? Brands are shocked when we show them a live voice search via […]

Is Business Hygiene no longer important?

Local search provides the easiest way of communicating store information, location, phone number and opening hours. Most brands have a lack of ownership of this channel (read more on this here): when DAC raise awareness that a company’s information, displayed on Google et al, does not match the brand’s website, brand’s acknowledge it’s far from […]

How the rise of local search is helping businesses break down silos

During the past two years, we’ve witnessed a significant change in businesses with both ecommerce functionality and a high-street footprint. Two years ago, the split between ecommerce and retail teams was obvious in the brands we met. The lines were clear demarcated – anything website based was considered ecommerce, while store performance was considered the […]