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Change Your Stars: How to Respond to Online Reviews

Before buying a product or subscribing to a service, many internet users consult customer reviews to build their own opinion. Considered more authentic than brand advertising, customer reviews are now a real sales argument for companies. In short, it’s essential for local businesses to encourage their customers to write online reviews, but how essential is […]

Why “Temporarily closed” is costing your business money

Google is by far and away the most important marketing channel for brick-and-mortar businesses. In a lot of instances—even in the face of this pandemic—Google is most brands’ new homepage. It’s where your content, messaging, details, changes, products, and services are seen first. This is why it is important to make sure your presence is […]

From pharmacies to fast food: Industry trends of COVID-19

There are huge changes in online search as COVID-19 continues to alter the daily habits of people all over the world. Stay-at-home guidelines and non-essential business closures have drastically changed the landscape of both local search and commerce in general. In times like these, there are obvious industry booms and busts. The healthcare industry (unfortunately) […]

COVID-19: What you need to be doing in local search right now

COVID-19 ramped up very quickly and is now dictating how brands connect with their customers. In fact, businesses have to get messaging in front of consumers faster than ever before—and those that handle this challenge well will reap the benefits moving forward. So let’s explore exactly what brands should be doing right now in the […]

COVID-19: Google disables all local reviews

Local platforms are proving to be a vital communication tool during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing businesses to quickly connect with their local audiences regarding store closures, special opening hours, additional health and safety measures, and more. Google is focusing its efforts on local—prioritising certain features, disabling others—Yelp is supporting pandemic-affected businesses, and we have some […]

How to handle your Google listings during the COVID-19 pandemic

The sudden onset of COVID-19 is dominating headlines and impacting every aspect of life—and local listings are no exception during this very unusual time. You may have assumed that something as fundamental as your Google My Business (GMB) profile wouldn’t need to be altered, but the situation has already prompted Google to release a help […]

Why local search is more than just Google My Business

You won’t be surprised to learn that Google is essentially a monopoly in local search, controlling up to 95% of search traffic in certain verticals. That makes the search giant a critically important source of revenue for local businesses and enterprise brands with distributed local footprints. But local search is more than Google My Business […]

Take another look—almost all search is local search

As far back as 2015, 97% of consumers were searching for local businesses online, with 93% of those searches triggering Google’s local 3-pack. It was obvious that local search was an enormous part of all online search—and in 2020, it’s easy to argue that all search is effectively local. After all, even when a query […]

5 Huge Changes Coming to Local Search—and How to Get Ahead

The specifics of local search have changed mightily since we sat down to write last year’s LPM predictions. In November 2017, most marketers were taking a desktop-first approach and worrying about citations. They didn’t yet have a full sense of the importance of reviews—and they weren’t really paying much attention to voice search at all. […]