Monthly Archives: June 2016

8 Free Marketing Tools You’ll Absolutely Love

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to create awesome graphics or be an SEO whiz to find the best keywords. There are plenty of free marketing tools out there to make your life easier – and make your marketing better. We’ve rounded up some of the best and listed them just for you […]

Brexit aftermath: reactions of the digital and tech industry

Britain is reeling this morning from the shock of a Brexit result. With just a small majority, 51.9% voted to leave, and 48.1% remain. Initial reactions from within the digital media and tech industry have been largely of disappointment and concern, bar a few exceptions. via In the build-up to the referendum, concerns have focused […]

DAC Brings Their Digital Roundtable Series to Toronto

As technology continues to reinvent the way customers interact with brands, DAC’s very own Vice President, Client Strategy Nasser Sahlool welcomed an exclusive group of senior marketing professionals to share their inspirations, challenges and best practices for effective digital marketing, and moreover, how brands can continue to elevate the customer journey. Combining a balance between […]

Are you ready for emoji-based advertising?

If you’re down with the kids, you’ll know that Twitter has been a fan of emojis for quite some time. This became clearly apparent last year when it controversially switched its ‘favourite’ symbol from a star to a heart: one of the most popular emojis used across Twitter. Last week, just prior to today’s World […]

How Data is Transforming the Musician’s Landscape

Continuing on the theme from my first blog, Music as a Marketing Mechanism, I want to zero in on how audience data can help musicians grow their fan base and brand. The Power of Data In the music industry, first and third-party data has the potential to unlock vital insights. It can help artists identify […]

PPC Travel Sector Checklist for Your Summer Campaigns

With the summer season just around the corner, many of us are busy finalising our holiday plans. But for travel sector companies, it’s just the opposite: summer marks the beginning of a peak season. After years of experience in the travel sector, we’ve found that setting up paid media campaigns is a lot like preparing […]

You Are What You Tweet – Eating in a Digital World

There are few businesses left untouched by the massive changes brought about by our digital-first world and the food industry is no exception. We’re taking a look at the changes the internet is having on the food we eat.

Reviews and Reputation Management – Keep Your Ear To The Street

The age of the consumer has arrived. The digital evolution has given customers the power to voice their opinions on just about everything and leave reviews in a very public forum. Brands can no longer hide dissatisfaction. The growth of social networks and the Internet has empowered the purchaser and put pressure on companies to […]

Google makes changes to advertising and analytics platform

Last Tuesday, in what feels like a watershed moment, Google announced significant changes to their advertising and analytics platforms. The over-arching theme was that a mobile-first world requires a mobile-first Google. The team at Google revealed data that proves beyond doubt that mobile is where the growth is and that harnessing intent and context for […]