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How Facebook is wooing local news publishers with the Journalism Project

Google and Facebook’s ad ‘duoply’ is said to be sucking up 98% of every new ad dollar spent online, leaving small local news publishers to grapple for a slither of the remaining pie. To make matters worse, Amazon is getting hungrier for a portion too, leaving publishers extremely worried about the viability of their ad […]

What is Data-Driven Attribution and Why Should You Care?

“We’ve solved attribution using machine learning – all you need to do is click a button and using our proprietary algorithms, we will automatically allocate your media budget at the point of maximum efficiency.” This is effectively Google’s pitch for data-driven attribution. Advertising being a somewhat murky business, however, this has been met with some skepticism. But in view, […]

Facebook remains the social network of choice for three generations

Selecting the best social channel to invest in can be a difficult task for brands and businesses. It can be easy to feel pressured into embracing the newest trends, or jumping on the latest bandwagon, but a new piece of research goes a long way towards proving that sometimes it’s better to stick with what […]

Our top four digital industry predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we gaze into our crystal ball and share some of our top industry predictions for 2017. There’s little doubt that 2016 has been an exciting year for innovation, particularly within local and voice search. Artificial intelligence has also come along leaps and bounds welcoming promising new entrants like Viv […]

Have advertisers been underestimating the prevalence of TV?

In the age of Netflix and Amazon, YouTube and video on-demand (VOD), you’d be forgiven for thinking that live TV was on its last legs. ‘Death of print’ conversations have shifted to the ‘death of TV’, and there is an abundance of research out there to show that millennials, particularly, are consuming much of their […]

Facebook chatbots: Unilever jumps onboard with kid-friendly campaign

Earlier in the year, Facebook announced the launch of Bots for Messenger, designed to help businesses communicate more easily with their customers.  Mark Zuckerberg led the reveal, saying: “I’ve never met anyone who likes calling a business, and no one wants to have to install a new app for every service or business they want […]

Google report reveals video viewability is improving, but with inconsistencies

Google’s State of Play report for video is recently published, and offers some useful insights into how the global programmatic video market is faring. Overall, video viewability has improved across the industry, which is encouraging to hear, but serious inconsistencies remain between screens, countries and exchanges. Most promising is YouTube, where the average viewability of ads […]

What is native advertising exactly?

The online ad and marketing world is made up of a baffling blend of jargon and acronyms. From programmatic to real-time bidding (RTB), agile marketing to retargeting, PPC to behavioural targeting, brand journalism to vendor content…it’s impossible to have a conversation about digital marketing without turning to a bit of industry wordplay. But where does […]

Google makes changes to advertising and analytics platform

Last Tuesday, in what feels like a watershed moment, Google announced significant changes to their advertising and analytics platforms. The over-arching theme was that a mobile-first world requires a mobile-first Google. The team at Google revealed data that proves beyond doubt that mobile is where the growth is and that harnessing intent and context for […]

Google gives retailers a boost with new in-search shopping features

Retailers looking to capture and engage the attention of online shoppers through ‘micro-moments’ within search, will be excited by some announcements coming from Google HQ this week. Most intriguing is the launch of product listing ads within Google image search, which had been spotted in testing last year, but has just officially just landed. Google […]