Monthly Archives: June 2016

David Cameron will make his debut on Facebook Live to discuss the EU referendum

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will be taking part in his first Facebook Live video this week, to discuss the imminent EU referendum. It’s clear that live videostreaming is gaining massive traction among brands and well-known figures right now. Over the past year, digital marketing has moved on from scripted tweets […]

Context is King as Google AdWords Announces Major Changes

Google’s announcement of a bevvy of changes to the AdWords and Analytics platforms at their Performance Summit last month felt like a list of long-awaited answers to questions that search marketers have been asking for years. When are they finally going to monetise the maps channel? When are we going to be able to modify […]

DAC Does Colour Me Rad

Members of DAC participated in Colour Me Rad on May 28th, 2016. The race was held at Downsview Park in Toronto and was attended by thousands of participants all looking for a new take on running. The day started off early but the temperature was already pushing thirty degrees. Everyone was squeaky clean as they […]

The Age of the Digital Personal Assistant

By now I am sure that most of you have heard of the digital personal assistant. It is quite possible that you don’t know it by that name. That is right, I am talking about Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft) and Google Now (Android). These are the 3 main digital personal assistant technologies that are used […]

10 Benefits of User-Generated Content (with Bob Dylan)

It was early 1964. The world was becoming more uncertain by the minute. One man was determined to find meaning…with his trusty harmonica. Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’” became an instant classic and listeners instantly began analysing its meaning. What was he referring to – civil rights, campus unrest, growing tension between East and […]

Game changers and industry shakers: Lessons from C2 MTL

Part networking event, part celebration of creative innovation, part circus: C2 Montreal is the conference that’s hard to label. Last week, I, along with some of my Montreal colleagues, attended this three-day event. Drawing thousands of people from business, creative arts and technology from across North America, C2 (the two Cs stand for Commerce + […]