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The Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are the new frontier, and marketers are the pioneers. Whether you are familiar with Facebook advertising or not, if you haven’t ventured to the land of Instagram ads yet, now is the perfect time to do so. It’s likely that your target audience will be checking their Instagram accounts over the summer for […]

PPC Travel Sector Checklist for Your Summer Campaigns

With the summer season just around the corner, many of us are busy finalising our holiday plans. But for travel sector companies, it’s just the opposite: summer marks the beginning of a peak season. After years of experience in the travel sector, we’ve found that setting up paid media campaigns is a lot like preparing […]

Assisted Conversions – The un-loved sidekick

Ask your marketing team to check conversions in Google Analytics and they’ll likely click on the Conversions tab and have a look at Goals and E-commerce (if appropriate for the business). They may even click the Acquisition tab and use filters to see their main KPIs by channel, source, or medium. But, while these are […]

Part 2: Native Programmatic Advertising

With the first part of the long anticipated Native advertising guidelines recently released by IAB, digital marketing focus has shifted once more to Native Advertising. What adds to the excitement is that the IAB is close to completing the OpenRTB API Specification 2.3, which for the first time includes two buzzwords of the digital marketing […]

Part I: Introduction to Native Advertising

What is Native Advertising? Now that is a tricky question! Despite its’ increasing popularity and use over the past few years, native advertising remains one of the most ambiguous and controversial marketing terms. First of all it still lacks an official definition. One can find a plethora of terms used to describe native content such […]

The End of Google’s PPC ‘Exact Match’

What changes regarding Google’s match types: Up to now advertisers could opt out from close variations in phrase and exact match but soon this option will be history. From late September onwards Google plan to implement close variant keyword matching to all exact and phrase match keywords. For some this might not be great news […]