Monthly Archives: January 2016

Is Digital Marketing Dead or are publishers desperate to make the headlines

’Digital marketing is dead’ – that’s the headline I read this morning. Apparently what the world needs now are traditional marketers, an area where businesses face a major skills gap. The headline did what it was meant to do, it grabbed my attention and I clicked through, read the article, shook my head, and laughed…part […]

Is Apple planning to compete with Google ‘Street View’?

Evidence emerged this week to suggest Apple may be working on its own version of Google Street View: the fun and sometimes useful feature which provides interactive, 360 degree panoramic views of any street, in more than 40 countries. The following statement appears on the Apple website… London, Paris, California, New York and Washington are […]

Google Enhanced Campaigns

First, let’s kick off the blog post with the most obvious question you’ll ask yourself once you find out about the changes that are happening to your AdWords Campaigns. Why on Earth did Google come up with the ‘’Enhanced Revolutions’’? The main reason is quite simple. Google AdWords has always been a constantly evolving product and […]

Bloo hire Make It Rain to enhance digital footprint

Make It Rain are pleased to announce that Bloo, the toilet cleaner owned by the Jeyes Group, have enlisted our services to build brand awareness around the range of Bloo products. Historically speaking the brand have used traditional advertising channels with little focus on digital. Make It Rain were approached to assist in this. The […]

Why customer testimonial pages are outdated, and what to do instead…

Towards the end of last year, we wrote about the growing importance of online customer reviews, and stressed why it was a crucial business opportunity, not to be missed. The review rating is one of many ranking factors Google uses within its algorithm: the better the rating the more chance of ranking higher in web […]

On the fence: The great content gate debate

Recently a client of ours told me that they were planning to ungate the whitepaper resources on their website. My content marketing mind freaked out! Surely valuable content is worth at least an email address? Isn’t everyone used to gated content by now? What was the point of the content if not to generate leads? […]

Starter tips on how to use Instagram for marketing

Without a shadow of a doubt social media marketing, and in particular Instagram, is a must for a modern-day business. With 68 % of instagrammers engaging regularly with brands, there is no better time than now to be promoting on the gram! If you are new to Instagram or could just benefit with some helpful […]

The evolution of brand logos

Differentiating your brand from others is absolutely essential to business survival. To mark your product out as the best, most luxurious or even cheapest is to stand out amongst the pack. But there are ways other than product to mark yourself apart. Even the simplest of logos can become powerful brand identifiers. Recent years have […]

Why businesses should get to grips with millennials online in 2016

Millennials have received a lot of bad press. We’ve been led to believe they are ‘lazy’, ‘apathetic’, ‘social media obsessed’ and ‘narcissistic’…they are the ‘selfie’ generation after all! Consequently, brands and businesses have stumbled over how to reach out to them through traditional marketing approaches, and many have branded them impossible to target and define. […]

ABTA Travel Trends roundup

My reading of the annual ABTA Travel Trends Report 2016 goes beyond personal interest. Many of our clients are both directly and indirectly involved in the the leisure and travel sectors, it offers a broad understanding of these industries and how to capitalise upon them. This then is a summary of key takeaways from the […]