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Step aside Google, and make way for Viv…

The voice-controlled assistance market reached a new high this week with the launch of Viv, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that is piped to be “the intelligent interface for everything.”     Built by the same people who originally designed Siri, prior to it being acquired by Apple, Viv (which means ‘life’ apparently) is aptly being […]

Why teens are moving away from ‘broadcast’ social media

In the world that is social media, things are changing fast. Not just in terms of the newly emerging platforms and technologies breaking into the market, but also in the way that teenagers, particularly, are using them. Via Over the past few years, there has been a growing bank of data to show that Facebook, […]

Is Apple planning to compete with Google ‘Street View’?

Evidence emerged this week to suggest Apple may be working on its own version of Google Street View: the fun and sometimes useful feature which provides interactive, 360 degree panoramic views of any street, in more than 40 countries. The following statement appears on the Apple website… London, Paris, California, New York and Washington are […]

Why businesses should get to grips with millennials online in 2016

Millennials have received a lot of bad press. We’ve been led to believe they are ‘lazy’, ‘apathetic’, ‘social media obsessed’ and ‘narcissistic’…they are the ‘selfie’ generation after all! Consequently, brands and businesses have stumbled over how to reach out to them through traditional marketing approaches, and many have branded them impossible to target and define. […]