Monthly Archives: January 2016

Why businesses should get to grips with millennials online in 2016

Millennials have received a lot of bad press. We’ve been led to believe they are ‘lazy’, ‘apathetic’, ‘social media obsessed’ and ‘narcissistic’…they are the ‘selfie’ generation after all! Consequently, brands and businesses have stumbled over how to reach out to them through traditional marketing approaches, and many have branded them impossible to target and define. […]

ABTA Travel Trends roundup

My reading of the annual ABTA Travel Trends Report 2016 goes beyond personal interest. Many of our clients are both directly and indirectly involved in the the leisure and travel sectors, it offers a broad understanding of these industries and how to capitalise upon them. This then is a summary of key takeaways from the […]

PPC in 2015: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It was a year of big changes in the world of digital paid media, some good, some bad, and some downright ugly. With a fresh year spread out before us it’s always worth reflecting back on those changes to discover how we can improve and optimise paid advertising on the road ahead. So with that […]

If only this brand knew that China could be a serious disruptor… they could’ve stood a chance – why some brands need to consider an “Inconsideration to China” marketing strategy

New and emerging household tech brands have a lot more room in today’s market to generate and receive brand awareness rapidly; thanks to digital. When it comes to manufacturing, China is the largest manufacturing economy in the world, with a 22% share of manufacturing activity (source:; this post illustrates how this can affect a […]