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Go for SEO Gold by taking a page out of Team Sky’s play book

Recently David Freeman posted an interesting take on technical and content audits and how he feels that the old way of doing audits needs to change. His ideas chime with mine, and so I thought I would give my take on how a modern technical audit should work, and how one can apply the methods that […]

Technical SEO: Quick Fixes for Image Optimisation

Both end users of a site and search engines prefer a site that loads quickly. In a recent survey, Kissmetrics found that: 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A 1 second delay in […]

What are AMP Pages, and why does your site need them?

With the rise in mobile search in the past few years, the problem of slow loading pages on mobile devices has come an increasingly frustrating issue.  While traditional methods of enhancing websites are often used for mobile, optimising images to reduce size is a simple improvement that many sites do not make. Image Optimisation Early […]

Google Enhanced Campaigns

First, let’s kick off the blog post with the most obvious question you’ll ask yourself once you find out about the changes that are happening to your AdWords Campaigns. Why on Earth did Google come up with the ‘’Enhanced Revolutions’’? The main reason is quite simple. Google AdWords has always been a constantly evolving product and […]

Robots.txt: How to Show Your Best Side to Google

Recently Google changed the way they view sites. In the past search engines tended to see a website much as a user using a text-only browser would. This has since changed. Now search engines have switched to looking at sites as a human would a modern web browser; rich with imagery, video content and a […]