Monthly Archives: June 2015

That Time I Got My Brain Scanned

Recently, I participated in a unique study hosted by Brainsights at the University of Toronto. Brainsights is one of a handful of Canadian companies operating in the nascent field of neurological advertising or neuromarketing. For the study, I volunteered to subject myself to watch 75 minutes of uninterrupted advertising. Am I crazy? Probably. But I […]

Rob’s Roundup: Facebook Lead Generation, Content Marketing and Mobile Necessity

Facebook Testing Mobile Lead Generation The goal of every company is to convert people into customers – this is an obvious truth, and yet bringing in higher conversion rates for online visitors remains a challenge for most brands. Facebook, in particular, is working hard to change this within their ecosystem; just look at their partnership […]

Instagram Advertising Platform Adapts Model

Over the past couple of months Instagram has been discussing and toying with revamping its advertising model. You will remember that Facebook bought the photo-sharing app in 2012 for a staggering $1bn. Zuckerberg pledged to continue to develop the app as its own separate brand. You can read this statement in many ways. Instagram will […]

This Week In Organic

This Week In Organic is a new online Google hangout show, produced by David Bain (he works as Head of Growth at Analytics SEO). The show looks at the latest trends and discussion points in the past week in the world of organic search. Last week’s guests were our own founding director at Ambergreen, Grant […]

DAC’s acquisition of Make It Rain the first step into the European market

Make It Rain has been acquired by the North American digital agency DAC. DAC officially acquired Make It Rain – who will continue to operate under the same name – in April 2015. DAC was founded in 1972 as a directional advertising agency. Since then, the group has grown to eight offices across North America. […]

The Professional Outlook for Digital Marketers in the Face of Automation

Like many of you, I jumped ship from a career in another industry into the “cutting-edge” world of digital marketing. Migrating to an industry in high demand and experiencing unprecedented growth seemed like a very smart and sensible choice. But, following a year of working with various software applications, I grew suspicious of automation’s role […]

In Marketing Automation We (Don’t) Trust

Have you noticed the fingertip speed and agility of a teenager texting or swiping through apps? The dexterity is mesmerising, like watching a spider spin a web. This is but one example (fashioning wheels and building fires are others) of how instinctively we use technology, and in this digital information age, there is so much […]

The App, the Browser and the Mobile Ad Blocker

Browsers were once the battlefields where advertising revenue wars were won and lost. Now, that battle is evolving and we have a new contender on our hands; the mobile ad blocker. There’s nothing new about the ad blocker, internet users have been using them for years and 28% of Americans claim to already use Eyeo’s […]