This Week In Organic

Monday, June 22, 2015

This Week In Organic is a new online Google hangout show, produced by David Bain (he works as Head of Growth at Analytics SEO). The show looks at the latest trends and discussion points in the past week in the world of organic search.

Last week’s guests were our own founding director at Ambergreen, Grant Whiteside, Johhny Ross of Johhnyross,com and Oren Greenberg of It’s a lively show with a no holds barred approach to discussing the latest events in the world of digital marketing.

We caught up with David to get the latest news about the show.

SO: Whose idea was it to start an online Google Hang Out TV show?

DB: The TV show was my idea, I’ve been podcasting for quite a while now, so I have plenty of experience.

SO: What’s the point of the show?

DB: To summarise the past 7 days of search marketing, hopefully it will help organisations and marketers keep up to date with the latest industry discussion points.

SO: What is the pros and cons of producing video content?

DB: It’s a way of creating a lot of content quickly that can also be transcribed into written content as well and the guests seem say what they think without any kind of prompting!

There are more barriers to making sure Google hangouts are set up correctly but, like every good piece of content it can be reconstituted and used on You Tube or even transcribed for a later date.

Last week’s topics included:

Reddit moving to HTTPS, Apple Getting Serious about Search, Is video autoplay good user experience or an annoying distraction? Google launches real-time trends, Yandex not being happy about Russia’s proposed ‘right to be forgotten’ law and a third of people in the UK feel misled by native advertising.

If this is the sort of content that you want to no more about, try tuning into the latest episode or dropping us a line to discuss your marketing strategy for the year ahead.

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