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In Marketing Automation We (Don’t) Trust

Have you noticed the fingertip speed and agility of a teenager texting or swiping through apps? The dexterity is mesmerising, like watching a spider spin a web. This is but one example (fashioning wheels and building fires are others) of how instinctively we use technology, and in this digital information age, there is so much […]

Digital Media and the Journey of Insidious Intent

In honour of World Poetry Day, March 21 2015… There are times I more acutely see the generation gap wrenching open before me like a canyon on the landscape of digital marketing. I’m on one side yelling across the chasm to my talented colleagues in the paid media department, asking such questions as how does […]

The Psychology of Content

The psychology of content is an attempt to turn a brand into a story that people want to hear, see, and feel. The psychology of content is persuading people to purchase something. Or perhaps, like a lot of things, it’s somewhere in between. If this was a piece about non-branded content, we could watch a […]