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This Week In Organic

This Week In Organic is a new online Google hangout show, produced by David Bain (he works as Head of Growth at Analytics SEO). The show looks at the latest trends and discussion points in the past week in the world of organic search. Last week’s guests were our own founding director at Ambergreen, Grant […]

National Shakespeare Day: a digital marketing perspective

Today is National Shakespeare Day: the anniversary of the death of the bard and a day to appreciate all things 17th century theatre … To mark this day from a digital marketing perspective, we have created the following twist on one of the most well-known Shakespearean sonnets:

5 party stereotypes to avoid during a blogger outreach campaign

At DAC (formerly known as Ambergreen), we carry out blogger outreach for a number of clients. Digitally conversing with bloggers about products, events and content is a little like networking at a party. Invariably, you will know a little about those you are talking to, after all they regularly post about their lives online, but […]

The Four Paradoxes of Digital Copywriting

Copywriters and content marketers are at a metaphorical junction. On the one hand there is a need for great copy that is engaging, informative and rooted in ideas and, on the other, there is a need to produce more and more of it in an increasingly faster paced environment, which runs the risk of diluting […]