Monthly Archives: June 2015

That Time I Got My Brain Scanned

Recently, I participated in a unique study hosted by Brainsights at the University of Toronto. Brainsights is one of a handful of Canadian companies operating in the nascent field of neurological advertising, or neuromarketing. For the study, I volunteered to subject myself to watch 75 minutes of uninterrupted advertising. Am I crazy? Probably. But I […]

Rob’s Roundup: Facebook Lead Generation, Content Marketing and Mobile Necessity

Facebook Testing Mobile Lead Generation The goal of every company is to convert people into customers – this is an obvious truth, and yet bringing in higher conversion rates for online visitors remains a challenge for most brands. Facebook in particular is working hard to change this within their ecosystem; just look at their partnership […]

The Professional Outlook for Digital Marketers in the Face of Automation

Like many of you, I jumped ship from a career in another industry into the “cutting-edge” world of digital marketing. Migrating to an industry in high demand and experiencing unprecedented growth seemed like a very smart and sensible choice. But, following a year of working with various software applications, I grew suspicious of automation’s role […]