Monthly Archives: November 2017

Year of the Local Presence Management Marketers

Like all aspects of digital marketing, local presence management is evolving quickly. The consumer shift to mobile-first has changed the game for location-based businesses — and embracing technology and understanding changes to Google’s search algorithms continues to hold the key to business success. Here are our top five predictions in the local presence management space […]

3 Tech Phenomena that will Revolutionise the Media Industry

Display media has always been an exciting, dynamic marketing channel. With the ability to place media in front of almost any target audience, a multitude of different creative options available and nearly limitless data sets to buy and optimize against, display remains a critical (and ever-changing) part of the marketer’s toolkit. In 2017, we heard […]

How to Make the Most of Your Localised Content Strategy

Things change lightning-quick in the digital world, so if you’re thinking of duplicating your content marketing strategy for 2018, think again. Last year, we wrote about our top digital marketing predictions for content, including intelligent/predictive content, digital asset management, data-driven content marketing, influencers and execution. Those trends continue to shape the work we do every […]

Twitter launches Promote Mode for SMEs…here’s what you need to know

Twitter has unveiled a new, self-serve advertising subscription for small businesses, which it is calling Twitter Promote Mode. The service has been designed to enable SMEs to more easily run Promoted Tweet campaigns across the Twitter platform, with no requirement to create ads or manage campaigns. Instead, campaigns running via Promote Mode will be entirely […]

How to Rock Your Digital Agency Interview

I’m sure you’ve been there. Walking out of an interview and not having a clue how it went. Not sure if you asked enough questions, said the right things… or if the interviewer actually found your jokes funny. So, if you’re looking for a role at a leading digital marketing agency, what can you do […]

Google allow paid ads in Google My Business listings

The worst kept secret is that Google are looking to monetise the local channel. By linking Google My Business (GMB) with your Paid Media campaigns your ads are eligible to appear in the local results. Previously, you’d only see these ads if you clicked on more places but now Google are testing paid ads appearing […]

Google’s Home Services ads program rebrands and expands in the US

It might not have reached the UK yet, but the recent news that Google’s Home Services ad program is rebranding as Local Services by Google, and expanding to 17 US cities with plans to be in 30 cities by the end of the year…is a telling sign that it could soon be with us. We covered […]

GDPR: What is it and how will it impact online marketing businesses?

This is the third post in the “Talk data to me” series. See last week’s post about the features offered by Google Analytics to connect offline and online data together. This week’s post will look into the so-called GDPR and the main challenges it poses for the online marketing industry. GDPR Overview We are now […]