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Dashboard Visualisations: Bringing Data to Life (3) – Microsoft Power BI

This is the next blog post in the “Talk Data to Me” series and the 3rd (out of 4) on the “Dashboard Know-How Guide”. Our previous case study looked at a travel agency that wanted to trace both online enquiries and offline conversions in one dashboard. The scenario: Jana is the digital director of an online […]

Solving the customer journey puzzle: Understanding Google Analytics’ new features

Nowadays, more and more brands are embracing data-driven decision-making to put the customer at the core of their marketing activities. This is the so-called customer journey mapping. A recent eMarketer study revealed that 61% of worldwide digital marketers expect personalisation to be the leading tactic used to attract new customers. To aid in gathering more information […]

Dashboard Visualisations: Bringing Data to Life

This is the 4th post in the “Talk data to me” series. The previous post was on the arrival of the GDPR. With this post we will be starting an exciting series of 4 special posts on the topic dashboards under the title “Dashboard Know-How Guide”. Following this small case study, in this 1st post […]

GDPR: What is it and how will it impact online marketing businesses?

This is the third post in the “Talk data to me” series. See last week’s post about the features offered by Google Analytics to connect offline and online data together. This week’s post will look into the so-called GDPR and the main challenges it poses for the online marketing industry. GDPR Overview We are now […]

Data connection in Google Analytics: Solving the mystery

This is the second blog post in the “Talk data to me” series presented by the Analytics and Research team at DAC. Last week’s post was about the use of Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Tag Manager. Scenario 1: Marco owns a travel agency that has both physical agencies and an online platform to sell holiday […]

Enhanced E-commerce: Google’s Gift for Tracking Online Sales

Are you an offline business who has just decided to embrace e-commerce? Want to learn which of your products are bought the most/least? Would you like to know how many customers decide to drop out at each step of the checkout? Maybe you would like to track the amount of refunds requested to get an […]