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Local Search: 2017 Trends & Insights

A Snapshot from the Local Search Association’s 2017 Annual Conference Recently I read an article summarising the major trends, challenges and insights drawn from the annual LSA conference. This is an event where marketing and advertising experts congregate to share their experiences, challenges, forecasts and predictions for the industry in the coming year. My three […]

The Complete Guide to Dynamic Search Ads

In case you’re wondering, Dynamic Search Ads allows you to dynamically create and show ads for pages in your website without using keywords. This is made possible by Google’s organic web crawling technology which scrapes your website’s content to match it to user’s search queries and then deliver a dynamically generated ad with a headline […]

‘How She Got There’: advice from female entrepreneurs on starting a company

A couple of weeks ago I went to ‘How She Got There’, a panel discussion held by GA London in collaboration with Creative Equals. The panel was made up of 5 female entrepreneurs who each started up their own companies, including Ali Hanan, founder of Creative Equals; Coralie Sleap, co-founder of Drink Shop & Do; […]

Boost Business Objectives with Aligned Digital Media Strategies: Part 1

The great thing about digital media is that it can be leveraged to produce almost any measurable business result. The horrible thing about digital media… is that it can be leveraged to produce almost any measurable business result. As a long-time digital agency employee, I have had years of experience working with clients with varied […]

How Much Privacy Do You Lose If You Decide To Have a Connected (IoT) Home?

  There is absolutely no doubt that the idea of having a connected home (smart home) is something that can really have anyone excited. Just thinking of all the possibilities and the thought of being able to speak commands to devices to automate things is just too good to be true…right? The principle of having […]

Should Google be doing more to safeguard the reputation of its advertisers?

Over the past few days, a flurry of high profile brands and organisations, including French advertising group Havas, M&S, the Guardian, BBC, J Sainsbury Plc, Audi, Transport for London and the UK Government, have pulled ads from Google and its video sharing site YouTube amid growing concerns that their ads were appearing alongside offensive and […]

Analysing Google’s advertising gaffe

The recent press about how Google protects its advertisers sheds light on an important area of concern we always consider when running paid media campaigns for clients. Is our activity reaching the right audience in the right places at the right time?

The Best Project Management Apps

Employers have moved on from hiring based primarily on book qualifications: project and time management are now considered extremely high value in the workplace, and effective project and time management skills are vital to a successful career. With the hyper-focus on productivity in the modern workspace, management and time management tools have grown rapidly in […]

Is Business Hygiene no longer important?

Local search provides the easiest way of communicating store information, location, phone number and opening hours. Most brands have a lack of ownership of this channel (read more on this here): when DAC raise awareness that a company’s information, displayed on Google et al, does not match the brand’s website, brand’s acknowledge it’s far from […]

Guerrilla Marketing: The most bananas campaigns of 2016

Guerrilla marketing is often associated with the radical and extreme. Once a fringe movement in the world of advertising, it has easily made its way into the mainstream, providing an effective way for breaking through today’s advertising blindness. Here we look at some of the most bananas and thought-provoking guerrilla marketing campaigns of last year, […]