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The Complete Guide to Dynamic Search Ads

In case you’re wondering, Dynamic Search Ads allows you to dynamically create and show ads for pages in your website without using keywords. This is made possible by Google’s organic web crawling technology which scrapes your website’s content to match it to user’s search queries and then deliver a dynamically generated ad with a headline […]

Optimising PPC for Voice Search: A Thought Experiment

Is 2017 the year of voice search? I would argue that dates are as relevant as they were for the ‘year of mobile’, but facts are a plenty, and undoubtedly voice search will become increasingly prevalent as tech giants develop their virtual assistants and increase integration with relevant devices. Here are just a few stats […]

The Death of Google Contributor

What is Google Contributor? Google Contributor is (or perhaps ‘was’ is a more fitting word) a Google-run programme launched in the United States in 2015 that allowed users in the Google Network of content sites to view websites administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, free of any ads. The small fee paid in monthly instalments would […]