Monthly Archives: March 2017

YouTube Video Optimisation Tips (2017 Update)

A few clients have been asking for tips on how best to improve the visibility of their videos in YouTube so I thought I would create a public post to share. There are obvious benefits to embedding videos into the pages on your website. Because Google and modern users prefer rich media, that page can […]

Women in the Marketing Industry: Overcoming Stereotypes, Inequality & Discrimination

On International Women’s Day, DAC thought it would be relevant to take a look at women in digital marketing, and how we are represented in today’s flourishing marketing industry. The marketing/advertising industry historically has a reputation as being male dominated, unwelcoming towards women, and often downright-sexist. While the Mad Men-esque era of this industry has […]

Let’s get “phyigital”!

From omnichannel retailing to trends in personalisation and localisation, eTail West kicked off in Palm Springs last week with insights from key retail executives on how to stay relevant in today’s mobile-first world. It was all about maximizing marketing efforts to improve the shopping experience at physical and online locations. With over 2000 attendees, eTail […]

IF Statements: The Simple & Penalty Free Way To Increase Your Ad Relevance

Google IF Functions: What are They? This recently rolled out Ad Customizer allows highly relevant creatives to be customized according to user context. Unlike your classic keyword insertion customizers extracted from Spreadsheets and maintained in the Business Data section of AdWords, IF Functions are simple, requiring no feed or additional set up, running in a […]

Facebook remains the social network of choice for three generations

Selecting the best social channel to invest in can be a difficult task for brands and businesses. It can be easy to feel pressured into embracing the newest trends, or jumping on the latest bandwagon, but a new piece of research goes a long way towards proving that sometimes it’s better to stick with what […]

White Paper Identifies Key Marketing Opportunities for Mid-Sized Financial Institutions

We’re thrilled to announce that DAC has launched a new white paper, The Apple Effect, which examines the importance of local and user experience for the mid-tier banking and financial services industry. As large banks have become larger and digital and mobile banking products have become ubiquitous with nearly all demographics, a strong grasp of […]