Monthly Archives: July 2016

Google report reveals video viewability is improving, but with inconsistencies

Google’s State of Play report for video is recently published, and offers some useful insights into how the global programmatic video market is faring. Overall, video viewability has improved across the industry, which is encouraging to hear, but serious inconsistencies remain between screens, countries and exchanges. Most promising is YouTube, where the average viewability of ads […]

Pokémon GO: How can local businesses get in on the action?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you can’t have failed to notice the latest smartphone craze that is Pokémon GO. It’s taken the UK and the rest of the world by storm, exceeding 15 million downloads already. According to reports, the game is easily rivalling some of the world’s […]

Attribution Modeling – Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Even as a digital marketer I can’t pretend to operate in isolation. As a brand, you have multiple channels to choose to invest in including digital, OOH, TV, radio and print. All of these have the potential to exert influence on a consumer’s path to purchase and all of them are vying for your brand’s […]

Is Augmented Reality the Future of Digital Marketing?

With the recent release of Pokemon Go and the sheer pandemonium that has ensued, it is apparent Augmented Reality (AR) is going to have a large influence on digital marketing. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a completely immersive environment for the user, AR manages to integrate digital information into the user’s real life.  What this is able […]

What is native advertising exactly?

The online ad and marketing world is made up of a baffling blend of jargon and acronyms. From programmatic to real-time bidding (RTB), agile marketing to retargeting, PPC to behavioural targeting, brand journalism to vendor content…it’s impossible to have a conversation about digital marketing without turning to a bit of industry wordplay. But where does […]

A sporting bonanza: Comparing the world’s biggest sporting events

With the limp body of English hopes in the Euros barely cold, preparations have already begun for gearing up for the summer’s next big sporting event. Take down the St George’s Crosses and put out the Union Jack bunting. Team GB is rolling into town. The world is becoming dominated by ad spend, most tweeted […]

The Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are the new frontier, and marketers are the pioneers. Whether you are familiar with Facebook advertising or not, if you haven’t ventured to the land of Instagram ads yet, now is the perfect time to do so. It’s likely that your target audience will be checking their Instagram accounts over the summer for […]

INTERSECTION: Industry leads come together to discuss the future of digital

On a (rare) barmy evening in June we at DAC London were joined by some industry heads in the Haymarket Hotel, just off Piccadilly Circus. Hiring out the Rocklin Room we invited friends old and new along to eat, drink, be merry and discuss the impact of data and technology on business today. INTERSECTION will […]

Ad fraud: what you need to know in 2016

Ad fraud is an issue that continues to plague the industry. According to research commissioned by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), advertisers will lose $7.2bn to bot fraud this year. That is up from $6.3bn in 2015. In June, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) issued a report warning that levels of ad fraud could […]