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Pokémon GO: How can local businesses get in on the action?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you can’t have failed to notice the latest smartphone craze that is Pokémon GO. It’s taken the UK and the rest of the world by storm, exceeding 15 million downloads already. According to reports, the game is easily rivalling some of the world’s […]

Are you ready for emoji-based advertising?

If you’re down with the kids, you’ll know that Twitter has been a fan of emojis for quite some time. This became clearly apparent last year when it controversially switched its ‘favourite’ symbol from a star to a heart: one of the most popular emojis used across Twitter. Last week, just prior to today’s World […]

Dreams appoint DAC to drive local presence

DAC have been appointed by leading bed specialist Dreams to drive its local search activity. The company was founded in 1985 and operates 170 retail stores as well as a transactional website. Head of eCommerce at Dreams, Richard Voyce, said, “Local search represents an exciting opportunity, allowing us to capture demand at an increasingly local […]

Pinterest chooses the UK for its first TV ad campaign

via In the news this week is the announcement that picture-sharing platform Pinterest has selected the UK for its first above-the-line ad campaign, scheduled to debut next month. As part of the push, its brokered a deal with Channel 4 to run a seven-month contextual ad campaign, which Pinterest says will be highly personalised and […]

The future of retail marketing

David Jowett last week featured on The Daily Telegraph’s Business Reporter. Interviewed by Alastair Greener, David laid out the necessity for brands to embrace hyperlocalisation and personalisation. The expectation for up to date, live information being displayed on our smartphones is growing. We want to know when a store will be open, if they have […]

Confessions of an ad blocker

Hello, my name is Jack and I’m an ad blocker. I’ve been blocking for the past four years now. I’ve been lying to my colleagues and professional acquaintances and the lies have become too much. I’m outing myself as the dirty little blocker that I am. While admittedly for selfish reasons, I’m outing myself because […]

Bloo hire Make It Rain to enhance digital footprint

Make It Rain are pleased to announce that Bloo, the toilet cleaner owned by the Jeyes Group, have enlisted our services to build brand awareness around the range of Bloo products. Historically speaking the brand have used traditional advertising channels with little focus on digital. Make It Rain were approached to assist in this. The […]

ABTA Travel Trends roundup

My reading of the annual ABTA Travel Trends Report 2016 goes beyond personal interest. Many of our clients are both directly and indirectly involved in the the leisure and travel sectors, it offers a broad understanding of these industries and how to capitalise upon them. This then is a summary of key takeaways from the […]

Five inspirational books to read over the Christmas holidays

Christmas is just around the corner, and for most this means a well-deserved break from work and routine. It’s also a time when we begin to reflect on the year that we’ve had, and consider our goals and resolutions for the year ahead. For these reasons, Christmas can be the perfect opportunity to dive into […]