Monthly Archives: September 2017

280-Character Tweets: The Debate

The Internet is all a-twitter with the news: instead of the 140-character limit that has existed since the inception of the network, some Twitter users are getting the ability to double their tweet length to a whopping 280 characters. This news is dividing users sharply. Are longer tweets a good thing or a bad thing? […]

Talk data to me: understanding the customer journey in a mobile-first world

Today I am presenting at the TFM conference to discuss how the use of data can transform your customer journey. TFM is a leading event for marketers to get together and discuss all things innovative. I will be demonstrating how to use your data to improve campaign performance and customer experience within a 20-minute presentation. Below […]

Why Even Great Marketers Still Don’t Fully “Get” Digital (and How a Better Understanding Can Drive Greater Results!)

Despite the ubiquity of digital and mobile in marketing today — from Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign to Let’s Go Hollywood themed ads — many marketing professionals don’t truly understand the digital world, don’t believe in its reach, and, critically, don’t understand how to craft targeted digital marketing campaigns that drive business […]

Listing Management for Your Business: What’s Next?

As we reach the last quarter of 2017 — more than 10 years after the introduction of Google Maps — the need for businesses to effectively manage their listings online is, for most marketers, a no-brainer. Listing management — ensuring core location information, such as business name, address, phone number and website, are easily and […]

Twitter battle: The Science Museum versus The Natural History Museum

Last week I followed what was quite possibly the most entertaining use I have ever seen of Twitter. It was stunningly adlib, and showcased just how effective Twitter can be when the right brains are in charge, and when a certain amount of creative flair is permitted. The saga kicked off when Twitter user @Bednarz (who refers […]

How to Master Local Search in a Mobile-First World

The digital landscape has changed. We now live in a mobile-first world. Mobile traffic will drive 75% of global Internet usage in 2017, and this will grow to 80% by 2018 (Zenith 2016). It’s not just videos and social media, either: 60% of all search queries now take place on mobile devices. But: mobile doesn’t […]

6 iOS 11 Changes That Will Affect Local Presence Management

On September 19th Apple released the much-anticipated iOS 11. This operating system upgrade comes with numerous UX/UI changes designed to help the consumer. It is being dubbed as one of the most radical and progressive iOS updates that Apple has released in a long, long time. Given all of these changes being released to millions […]

Is gender-neutral branding the future?

The gender-neutral branding debate resurged this summer when shoe manufacturer Clarks received a barrage of complaints over its “sexist” school shoes, and in particular a girls’ range named the “Dolly Babe” (which compared with its “Leaders” boys’ range). Parents were also appalled by the difference in quality between the two ranges, with the boys’ shoes being […]

Top 6 Content Marketing Tools of 2017 (So Far)

Content marketers in the digital space understand the complexities that come with aligning messaging and content with users throughout the purchase funnel. Developing and curating content can be a challenging task that requires analysis and a sound strategy. Fortunately, there are several tools to help us better understand our audiences and provide users with relevant […]

DAC Named Search Engine Land 2017 Awards Finalist

Internationally recognized program honours excellence in digital marketing among the world’s top marketers. Leading industry publication Search Engine Land recently included DAC amongst the short list of nominees in the 2017 Landy Awards, selected from nearly 300 submissions from leading digital marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams and individuals around the world. DAC is proud to […]